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The Better Business Bureau

The Truth About The BBB

Ms. BROWN of Florida. Mr. Speaker and fellow Members of Congress, I want to alert you to a matter of concern that I have regarding business owners and their employees, particularly small business owners, within our country.
This problem has been told to me by some of my constituents and is a problem about which business owners throughout the country have written to you.
We are a nation that is built upon the rule of law.

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The BBB is not what you think

Operating under the guise of “legitimate authority” which was never given, the highly profitable BBB abuses businesses and consumers through intimidation, coercion, bogus “ratings”, favoritism and blackmail. Businesses caught up in this mafia-like racket use terms like “shakedown”, “criminal”, “illegal”, “immoral”, “corrupt”, and “injust” when they find out the truth about the BBB, and how their businesses are affected by this fraudelent organization.

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The Truth About the Better Business Bureau

Disclaimer: This article contains my opinion of what happened in factual situations involving myself and my brother. It is my opinion, my viewpoint and my interpretation of the events. People and businesses are named.
The Better Businesses Bureau (BBB) does do good sometimes, if there are a lot of people complaining. But if it is an individual or 1 or 2 families the BBB ,nearly always, in my opinion, takes the side of the business. In short, the BBB is an anti-consumer organization.

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Hamas gets A- from Better Business Bureau

Hamas got an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, according to a website critical of the bureau’s rating system of businesses.
The website BBBroundup.com has this screen shot of the BBB’s website rating of Hamas, identified by the United States as a terrorist organization:

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BBB Is a Racket, SoCal Law Firm Says in $200 Million Demand

LOS ANGELES (CN) – The Better Business Bureau is a “Mafia-like racket” that uses “blackmail” and “coercion” to set its “bogus ‘ratings,'” and defamed a law firm for refusing to submit to its “shakedown,” the Brookstone Law office claims in a $200 million complaint.
Brookstone Law of Newport Beach sued the Better Business Bureau of the Southland and the Council of Better Business Bureaus, in Superior Court.

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Law firm says it was defamed for refusing to submit to a BBB “shakedown”

The Better Business Bureau is generally regarded as a rather benign, even stuffy, non-profit that provides somewhat predictable ratings of businesses. But a Southern California law firm uses stronger language in a $200 million lawsuit, calling the BBB a “Mafia-like racket” that uses “blackmail” and “coercion” to set its “bogus ratings.”

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