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Knight Rider: Shipping KITT

In mid-December we received a request to transport a 1986 Pontiac Firebird from California to Dublin, Ireland. Little did we know that we would be shipping a celebrity, but as always we did an A+ job getting everything done! When the discovery was made nothing about our professional shipping changed, but we did get excited and did make sure to get some up-close pictures of KITT!

If you don’t know KITT your childhood isn’t complete. KITT, the talking car from Knight Rider, is one of
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How to Save Money on Car Shipping Expenses

How to Save Money on Car Shipping ExpensesThere are enough scams in the auto transport industry as it is, so you must keep your wits if you want to benefit from. The following tips
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Upgrades in Foreign Heavy Equipment

Operation Unified ResponseUNTIL now it has actually been widely presumed that construction equipment made by Chinese businesses, as well as tools made in China by the leading overseas services, was substandard in both quality and
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Classic Car Shipping Preparation Tips

Classic Car Shipping Preparation TipsWhen we buy an antique or classic car we certainly have a valuable and amazing piece of the past in our hands which must be protected against the ravages
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Reasons to Use a Car Shipping Company

Reasons to Use a Car Shipping CompanyOwning a vehicle gives you a lot of advantages, but it also puts you in a difficult position if you have to move it across the ocean or even across several
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Expand Your Shipping Ports, Germany!

German PortsNorth German harbors, industry and delivery companies have asked for exactly what they called “a sustained upgrading and operational reliability for the Kiel Canal.”

Throughout a press panel discussion in
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Dominated by Hybrids in Frankfurt

Volkswagen UpThe Frankfurt Auto Show was stocked with multiple hybrid and electric cars that will be hitting the
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Vehicle Insurance Tips and Guidelines

Vehicle Insurance Tips and GuidelinesCar shipping requires you to have a good auto insurance that covers you in case of accidents, however there are some details you should be aware of before
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International Car Shipping Scam Avoiding Tips

International Car Shipping Scam Avoiding TipsIf you are planning on shipping your vehicle, then it is logical to assume you might be worrying about the legality and past of
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International Auto Transport

International Auto Shipping TipsTransporting a vehicle internationally means you will need to deal with a decent number of details before its wheels ever touch foreign ground. Utilizing the services
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