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Car Shipping to Australia | ShipYourCarNow
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Car Shipping to Australia

Car Shipping to Australia

ShipYourCarNow provides our customers with car shipping to Australia at unbeatable prices. Our dedication to customer service and honesty has allowed word of mouth to drive our business. This keeps rates low and quality high! When you need car shipping to Australia don’t hesitate. Visit our Free Instant Quote page here: Free Car Shipping Quote and let our team assist you to ensure you receive the best possible car shipping to Australia.

Why settle? We are here ready to make your next move as easy as possible. If you need car shipping to Australia don’t wait to give us a call and find out just how affordable car shipping really is. We have customers all over the world who know and trust our service. car shipping is what we are best at and we can’t wait to help you get to where you need to go.

We have seen it all when it comes to car shipping both nationally and internationally and we are hoping to share our expertise with you. Click or call today to get an absolutely free quote on car shipping rates.

Is the cost of transporting your car, truck, or van keeping you from making that move? Call us to see how affordable car shipping really is. Nothing compares to our top of the line service and quality, when you need car shipping  to Australia don’t hesitate to give us a call and get your auto to where you need to be. We offer free quotes to our potential customers, whether you are just inquiring or if you are ready to go we are happy to help you budget your next move.

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Car shipping to Australia do

es not have to be difficult. You will need to make sure that you take the proper precautions and follow the correct steps to make sure you don’t get caught up in the red tape with the government of Australia. We are fortunate to have many Australian clients and have had the privilege of shipping many cars to Australia from the US for them (many have shipped multiple times with us!).

We set up the information on this page mainly for those who are exporting their vehicles from the United States to destinations in AU. To make the entire process easier be sure to gather as much specific information as possible. You will want to have the exact year, make and model of the vehicle. Please be sure to include any modifications that have been done to the vehicle. This includes anything that may have made the vehicle taller, wider, longer or heavier. We will also need to know if the vehicle is in running condition and if there is a lienholder or a loan on the vehicle. Be sure to have as much specific information about where the vehicle is currently located and the desired destination port.

The cost for car shipping to Australia can vary greatly depending on this information so take your time and gather as much accurate info as possible before inquiring about your overseas shipment.

The folks who accept or deny the approval for your vehicle to be imported is the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Be sure to read through their information especially the sections on Temporary Vehicle Import, Special Vehicle Import and Permanent Vehicle Import.

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There is a ton of information on this site. General information on importing a car into Australia can be found here http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/imports/ with more specific information about individuals importing vehicles here http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/imports/import_options/index.aspx.

These regulations are subject to change so be sure to go over the requirements with your international shipping coordinator here at Ship Your Car Now. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Click on the link at the top of the page to get started or feel free to call us any time.

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International Car Shipping to Australia

Car shipping to Australia

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Incredible shipper! I had two autos to ship, gave me a very fair price of $1,200, and worked with me all the way from my initial contact with them until the cars arrived. My auto move was complicated by selling/buying a new house and a temporary layover time until I was in the new house. They worked this out with me and everyone at Ship Your Car Now, LLC were extremely pleasant and helpful, and the drivers were wonderful to work with.


Highly recommend this company. They were able to pull off in 6 days what another company could not do in 2 months. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, FOR THE WONDERFUL SERVICE.


I could not be happier with the service Shayna provided for me at Ship Your Car Now. She was efficient and thorough, explaining details and anticipating questions. The whole process was effortless and I will both use them again and refer to others.


Awesome!!!! Ship your car now is a very good auto transport company!! JD is very helpful and he knows how to take the worry out of transport a auto across the country!! Will use them again!


Thomas Reardon and the team that delivered our car……lived up to their name. It was picked up in Texas the next day and delivered on Sunday night ahead of schedule. Awesome job to all.