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RV, Bus, and Boat Shipping

rv shipping

Due to their size, RV’s are typically transported as a driveaway. In some cases the vehicle may be placed on a flatbed if it is within certain size requirements. The most cost effective option is the driveaway. Please contact us for details specific to your vehicle.

Boat Shipping >>Visit our Boat Transport site at ShipYourBoatNow.com

  • We can tow boats up to approximately 45 feet.
  • Special permits required for boats over 8.5′ wide.
  • We require that the boat is on its own trailer.
  • The tires on the trailers need to be in good condition and checked thoroughly before being attached to a hitch.
  • The trailer needs to have proper working lights. No boat covers allowed.
  • If you are shipping a boat please have the beam and length as well as height and weight available.
  • Let us know if you are removing any components of the vessel or if they can be removed if necessary.
  • Each state and municipality may have their own regulations about how the vessel needs to be transported and/or escorted, especially for those vessels over 10 feet wide.
  • Special permits and escorts may need to be in place in order to facilitate the move.


  • Preparation is key in making your shipment as headache free as possible. Please have the full dimensions of the vehicle ready for an accurate quote.
  • This includes, height, width, length and approximate weight.
  • Please include any modification that have been done to the vehicle as well.
  • If the vehicle is not in running condition please advise your shipping coordinator.
  • If you have pictures or video of the vehicle please send them to us as the more specific information we have the better.
  • It is essential to have as much information about the destination as well.
  • If we are delivering to a marina or campground or a remote location please let us know.
  • We will also need to know if you have made arrangments at the destination to have the vehicle or vessel unloaded.

Let Us Coordinate It

  • We can coordinate all of this for you without a problem, just provide your shipping coordinator with all of the information requested as soon as possible for a safe and uneventful move!
  • We also transport agricultural, construction and other heavy equipment. We also ship all of these types of vehicles overseas to most common ports of call.