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Making sure you get the best price when transporting your vehicle doesn’t have to be a long drawn out experience. While you are shopping, keep a few things in mind. The best price is the lowest price that the drivers are demanding to move your vehicle. Read that sentence again. The drivers set the prices.

You are essentially in an auction, bidding for a place on the drivers truck that is running on the route that you need your vehicle to go on. Depending on the demand, the cost of diesel fuel and the size and weight of your vehicle, your bid may be painfully low and your vehicle will just sit in your driveway.

Get the best price every time by securing the services of a 5 star rated industry leader like Ship Your Car Now. We have the experience and resources necessary to move your vehicle. Read the reviews for yourself and we’ll talk to you soon!

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Auto Shipping Quote

State of Automotive Industry 2013 | Automotive Digest | J.D. Power

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