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Knight Rider: Shipping KITT

Knight Rider: Shipping KITT

In mid-December we received a request to transport a 1986 Pontiac Firebird from California to Dublin, Ireland. Little did we know that we would be shipping a celebrity, but as always we did an A+ job getting everything done! When the discovery was made nothing about... read more

Upgrades in Foreign Heavy Equipment

UNTIL now it has actually been widely presumed that construction equipment made by Chinese businesses, as well as tools made in China by the leading overseas services, was substandard in both quality and modern technology to suit needs in the foreign companies’... read more

Classic Car Shipping Preparation Tips

When we buy an antique or classic car we certainly have a valuable and amazing piece of the past in our hands which must be protected against the ravages of time at all costs. This is the reason why shipping a vehicle like that needs special care that takes precedent... read more

Reasons to Use a Car Shipping Company

Owning a vehicle gives you a lot of advantages, but it also puts you in a difficult position if you have to move it across the ocean or even across several countries. In cases like these it would be a lot more cost-effective to use a different type of transport than... read more

Dominated by Hybrids in Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Auto Show was stocked with multiple hybrid and electric cars that will be hitting the streets as early as the beginning of next year. Many countries and manufacturers were showing off their new models, showing that the want for hybrid and electric... read more

Vehicle Insurance Tips and Guidelines

Car shipping requires you to have a good auto insurance that covers you in case of accidents, however there are some details you should be aware of before you make that step. The price of your auto insurance may vary depending on a few things, such as your marital... read more

Choosing a Car Shipping Agency

Shipping your car may finally catch you as a big task to manage, organize and perform. The truth is that traveling and removals are too constant and rare these days, so having you car shipped is something that you should know how to operate and deal with. It is... read more

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