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Expand Your Shipping Ports, Germany!

German PortsNorth German harbors, industry and delivery companies have asked for exactly what they called “a sustained upgrading and operational reliability for the Kiel Canal.”

Throughout a press panel discussion in Hamburg hosted by Port of Hamburg Marketing, port and company reps from centers along the Kiel Canal and the Hamburg Harbor Authority jointly asked for the reconstruction without delay of the 5th lock chamber and the remodeling of the two existing big lock chambers at Brunsbüttel. In the moderate term, company in the harbor and market relate to the straightening of the Eastern stretch of the canal and its deepening by one meter as fundamental steps.

Chaired by Harbor of Hamburg Advertising and marketing CEO Axel Mattern, the panel was concerned with the demands on a dependable and reliable canal facility, and the economic repercussions of its limited use and availability.

Jens Broder Knudsen, Chairman of Kiel Canal Initiative, Jens Meier, Chairman of the Exec Board of Hamburg Port Authority, Frank Schnabel, Chairman of the Federation of Schleswig-Holstein Ports, and Rainer Keiemburg, Handling Director of TOTAL Bitumen Deutschland, took part.

For Mr. Broder Knudsen, it is clear that for handling their expanding flows of goods, not merely ports on the canal, yet others in Northern Germany and our neighboring countries, depend upon having an operational Kiel Canal that is accessible devoid of obstacles.

Mr. Knudsen explained that with the assent of all 16 government states of Germany, the Bodewig Commission had actually worked out some impressive probabilities for funding facilities. Through unique funding and aviator projects, with a wide political agreement a basis had been protected for lasting refinancing of infrastructure funding as a matter of top priority. In Mr. Knudsen’s view, this will substantially streamline the execution of future facilities procedures.

“The present debate about a ‘car toll on foreigners’ should not be allowed to further prevent the politically desired topping up of additional funds in the budget,” he said. “The Kiel Canal is the lifeline that connects German ports on the North Sea with the Baltic. The funding from the special fund to be created for the essential and overdue upgrading works on the Kiel Canal should serve to secure this advantage in routing vis-à-vis the competing ports in the Netherlands and Belgium,” declared Mr. Knudsen.

In spite of several gaps and restrictions in operation of the canal, in the first fifty percent of 2013 a total of 15,940 boats transited the Kiel Canal, transporting 48.8 million lots of freight. For Frank Schnabel, the availability of the harbors lying directly on the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel, Hochdonn, Hohenhörn, Kreishafen Rendsburg plus Rendsburg Harbor, the recently developed hefty payload harbor, Kiel’s Nordhafen and the Kiel-Holtenau inland waterway harbor, have to be assured in the lasting.

For a firm like TOTAL Asphalt Deutschland, which could point to a century of excellence and with its items is likewise closely associated with infrastructural development, in Keiemburg’s sight a functioning Kiel Canal is additionally a decisive consider establishing whether Brunsbüttel’s development as an industrial base gets to a dead-end or remains on a development course.

After the substitute investments in the locks and the Levensauer elevated bridge, in the view of the Kiel Canal Campaign the expanding sizes and drafts of ships need modification of the Eastern stretch of the canal soon.

Mr. Meier stated the Kiel Canal represents “an essential topographical advantage” for the Port of Hamburg and various other German harbors on North Sea. From Hamburg to Gdansk, for example the course benefit making use of the Kiel Canal is 437 nautical miles, as compared to the route around Denmark that by means of Skagen totals 874 nautical miles.

Harbor of Hamburg Advertising and marketing CEO Axel Mattern wound up the panel discussion by commenting that as the shortest, fastest and most eco friendly sea relate to the Baltic area, the Kiel Canal is of astounding relevance for the bigger Hamburg city region.

“The present debate about a ‘car toll on foreigners’ should not be allowed to further prevent the politically desired topping up of additional funds in the budget,” he said. “The Kiel Canal is the lifeline that connects German ports on the North Sea with the Baltic. The funding from the special fund to be created for the essential and overdue upgrading works on the Kiel Canal should serve to secure this advantage in routing vis-à-vis the competing ports in the Netherlands and Belgium,” proclaimed Mr. Knudsen.

“In combination with the Elbe and the Port of Hamburg, the Kiel Canal is a traffic system. The preservation and upgrading of the canal as part of Germany’s transport infrastructure is a national obligation and utterly essential for the preservation of the competitiveness of our economy and our ports. After the neglect of infrastructure over recent decades, we expect absolutely clear signals from the incoming new federal government indicating an assured future for the Kiel Canal and the related trade industry and ports,” Mr. Mattern concluded.

Port of Wismar, Germany
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International Auto Transport Guidelines

International Auto Shipping GuidelinesThere are many ways one can deal with auto shipping, however international auto shipping is a bit of a different deal than other ways of moving a car across the country. In many ways there are more details that need to be addressed than other situations. The following tips are aimed toward helping you with all those tasks so you won’t have to go through a hard time. Let’s begin with the first one on the list:

  • Although an auto shipping company can deal with a great deal of things surrounding the moving process, you should also keep in mind that there are things you need to do yourself. Begin with the auto insurance you have available for your vehicle. Check out how much is covered by your current insurance policy and figure out whether you won’t need a better one if it doesn’t cover these expenses.


  • Check out and prepare your documents and paperwork – you will need a letter from the title holder of the vehicle of the title itself, a declaration form and your own personal identification. In many situations the auto transport company will help take care of the paperwork, but you should ask them about it first.


  • Prepare your car ahead of time by servicing it before the trip, making sure it has good tire pressure, stable fluid levels and a well-charged battery.


  • Clean the vehicle and make sure you remove your belongings from it so they won’t get lost during transport. Check for scratches and note them down for future reference if there are any.


  • Contact several companies for the best possible results of your search. You can check for company reviews online, comparing quotes as you go. This will help you filter out any companies that don’t fit your requirements. You should keep in mind that prices will vary depending on the distance traveled as well as the size of the vehicle and the cargo involved.


There are different methods of auto transport, but two are the ones that we’ll cover here:


  • Containers used in transit are more expensive, however they are also much more safe than other solutions. This will protect the vehicle against the elements and may even be transported to a storage location of your choice.


  • Open transport on a trailer will be the other possible decision you can deal with. They will be a cheaper solution, however it will also mean your vehicle will be more exposed to the elements.


  • In the end an international move requires either air transport or sea transport to complete the circle in some cases and this means dealing with a lot of laws and regulations. Make sure you are aware of what you need to do so your vehicle won’t be kept from you.

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International Auto Shipping — 5 Things You Must Know

The ABC’s of Car Shipping and Auto Transport

Being a consumer in this age of high tech bargain hunting can be a bit confusing. We are programmed to always look for the “best deal”, even those of us here at ShipYourCarNow.

From sites that give out the latest coupon codes to advertisements guaranteeing the lowest price on a mattress or television, we are always seeing ways to supposedly get the “best deal”.
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World’s Biggest Dump Truck

The Liebherr T282B Dump TruckWho doesn’t remember playing with dump trucks as a kid? I know I do, and I know I loved getting covered in mud doing it too! As much fun as I had with my dump trucks, they were nothing like this monster of a truck.

The Liebherr T 282B is the world’s largest, highest payload capacity (363 tons) haul truck in the world. With a V-20, putting out 3650-horsepower, and with its maximum torque reaching an impressive 14457Nm (Newton meter), I would have had a blast playing in the mud with this monster of a dump truck!

This Dump Truck is not a Toy

With the cost of one of these Liebherr T 282B’s being between $4-5 million it’s highly unlikely anyone will have one of these as a back yard toy. These giant dump trucks are used primarily for working with coal, iron, copper, and gold mines all over the world.

On March 29, 2004 the T282B was introduced to the public as an off-road construction type vehicle. Being 50 ft 3 in long, and 29 ft 10 in wide makes this dump truck too large for public roads, and even has to have the assembly completed once delivered to its destination site. Just the tires alone are taller than a person!

When fully loaded this dump truck moves at 40 mph, which doesn’t seem like much considering it has 3,650-horsepower – until you remember it’s carrying almost 400 tons in the back of it! With speed like that it’s a good thing they aren’t street legal.

The Engine

The T282-B is actually run with a DDC/MTU 20V4000 motor offering the greatest output of any commercially available vehicle in the world. The engine has 20 cylinders arranged in a V pattern and weighs in at 10.4 tons by itself, and also has a capacity of 90 liters. One of the most important things about the Liebherrs T 282B is its engine, which is a diesel electric drive that powers an electric generator which powers the alternating current driving motors. Compared to the mechanically propelled Kippern, the advantages brought by this engine are enormous improvements. Besides the service life being substantially longer for the drive system, the improvements in transferring power to the wheels is a major upgrade seen in this dump truck.

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Buyers Beware of Sandy Cars

These are only some of the cars ravaged by Hurricane SandyAs the year changes buyers run out to buy a new car to celebrate the New Year, and some are finding cars that have taken a swim lesson during Hurricane Sandy. Scammers are finding ways to hide signs of damage from buyers and dealers are saying that “it’s hard to tell”.

For those of you who remember Hurricane Katrina, you remember the News broadcasts of scammers trying similar tactics. Now, after Hurricane Sandy, they seem to be more successful, with new ways to cover up the damage a car receives while being used like a submarine.

Finding Hurricane Sandy Damage

Even with the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy being covered up by scammers it will eventually surface. With the amount of electronic systems in cars nowadays, and with how “well” electronics and water (especially salt water) mix, it won’t be long before you start seeing these signs – although it may be too late to do anything about it.

When buying a car you should buy from a reputable dealer instead of a private sale. If something is wrong with the car and you can’t find the person it’ll be like chasing a ghost. Sometimes there isn’t an option for buying from a dealer, like if you want a classic car or have credit issues. If this is the case there are still things you can do to protect yourself.

Protect Yourself from Scammers

Make sure to get a Carfax report, which you should do even when buying a used car from a dealership. Be especially wary when purchasing a car coming from the Northeast. Check the car for fogging inside of the headlights, and also for brand new carpets in an older car. Also, be sure to have a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle done by a trusted auto repair shop before buying a vehicle.

New York law states that the titles of flood damaged vehicles have to be stamped with “Flood” to warn potential buyers of possible problems. This still leaves many other states that may not have such strict guidelines for vehicles damaged in floods, so you still need to check any used vehicle for signs of flood damage.

Damage caused to vehicles by floods include, but are not limited to, heating and air-conditioning, computer-controlled fuel systems, and braking systems.

South Korea and International Shipping

International shipping is becoming more popular around the world. Imports and exports are seeing heavy increases, especially in South Korea.

Residents of South Korea are starting to lean more towards imported vehicles and more away from Korean made cars, like Hyundai. Still the dominant brand, Korean makes are now being seen as “boring” by those looking for new cars.

New buyers are willing to pay more for cars that have been shipped in internationally because of the new and evolving styles of companies like Audi. South Korea appears to be for the change and has even cut import duties down to 3.2% from the 8% it was at 18 months ago, which is making the manufacturers and dealers able to sell the cars for less. Deals with international shipping from the U.S. are expected to create a growth of about 54% in exports of American made vehicles and auto-parts to South Korea.

Gangnam Style Imports

International Shipping - Mercedes SLK 200With the release of the Gangnam Style video on YouTube, and Psy using a Mercedes SLK 200 in the video, and, in fact, there are a lot of foreign cars seen in the video. This seems to have given a boost to international shipping to South Korea, which can be seen with the growth rate of the imports coming in after the release.

Cars shipped in internationally have taken over roughly 10% of the South Korean market, where before Hyundai and Kia held 99% of it. With trade agreements being brokered to help lower international shipping costs the overseas markets could see an influx of imports being shipped in from all over the world.

Imports are getting so much attention now because they are different, and car buyers and owners are looking for prestige from the internationally imported vehicles, rather than driving the “home grown” cars that have dominated for so long.

International Shipping Demands

Although Kia and Hyundai are seeing drops back home, they are becoming more and more in demand in other countries, and are being seen as more and more reliable. They have closed large gaps left by other manufacturers and have managed to catch up to the growing expectations of consumers with both safety and efficiency. Ten years ago Kia and Hyundai weren’t thought of as highly as they are now, and the increasing market shows how in demand they are now.

With South Korea shipping its own cars all over the world, with international demand growing, they aren’t worried about losing some of the market back home. Now putting focus to international exports, and working on free trade agreements with other countries, Kia and Hyundai are looking to expand in other countries and see much more growth than if they kept their focus at home.


Ford’s New Beast the GT500

2013 Shelby GT500Ford’s SVT division was responsible for creating such beasts as the Ford GT and the F-150 SVT Raptor, and now added to this list is the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500! Banging out a whopping 662-horsepower, this ride goes from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of over 200 mph. When you add in the cost at $54,995.00 it makes this a complete package. What other car can you get for this price that can pull off the quarter-mile pass in 11.8 seconds?

What’s inside the GT500

What we have here is a 5.8-liter, supercharged V-8 engine with a car body wrapped around it. With cylinder bore balloons being upsized from the previous 90.2 mm to 93.5, for said that the block is at its limit and cannot be stretched any larger. The Eaton supercharger displaces 2.3 liters, cranks out 14.0 psi max – 5.0 more than the previous – and also spins faster than the last GT500;s blower.

A giant fuel pump, which is basically two of the Mustang GT’s singly supply pumps put together, larger fuel injectors, a three-row intercooler, a larger fan, a single-piece carbon-fiber driveshaft, and a beefed-up Tremec 6060 six-speed with an internal oil pump also come crammed under the hood along with the massive engine.

Speed and Economy?

Floor the gas, don’t watch the speedometer and next thing you know you’re hitting 140 mph and are only in 3rd gear and have no idea how you’re going that fast without feeling it. The GT500 is a lot faster than it feels, and without realizing it you can end up hitting that 200 mph mark.

Somehow, with all that power and speed, Ford was able to add economic value to this ride. Sixth gear was made for fuel economy, and can offer 24 mpg while still going 80 mph on the highway. The GT500 looks to have been made for both ripping up the pavement, and also having a soothing Sunday drive and getting decent mpg on it. Sure, it’s no hybrid but no hybrid is the GT500!

This is the kind of car to cruise down the highway with while blasting “Radar Love” while shifting gears! If you’re like me, you’ll accidentally hit 200 before the song is over and be almost home 30 minutes before you’d intended.


Ford has managed to extend brake life significantly by eliminating the tendency to go into heat-soak limp mode, which they say was a priority during development. The brakes seem to offer all day stopping power with the highly responsive pedal too.

The new GT500 is also better balanced than its predecessor, but taking corners can still be a waiting game. At least with the new horsepower you can make up for the slowdown quickly!

This Year’s Awesome New Cars

The new cars of 2013 are making it into the showrooms now, and we’re excited! There are a dozen new cars coming out that worth the wait we’ve had to endure, and most of them are priced under $50,000.
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Recycled Shipping Containers

Shipping Container CondoShipping containers are very useful for getting your vehicles or other shipped items overseas safely, but what else can they be used for? Well, you could always live in it!

Metro Detroit may have the most unusual condominium project, which is a project where a 20-unit complex is being built from empty shipping containers. Soon house hunters will be able to check out these units for themselves and be able to perchance residence in them.

These units would range from 850 to 1,920 square feet, have cut in windows, balconies, heating, plumbing, heating, and other amenities. The pricing for the condos is still being determined, but is expected to be about 5% less than similarly sized condos.

Projects like this help to get these containers put to use, rather than sitting around and stacked in port cities all over the world. Empty shipping containers have already been put to extensive use in Europe for housing and offices, and although it isn’t common in the U.S. yet it is a concept that is being put to use.

Living Down Under

Living underground is becoming more and more popular, even with many people finding it odd or strange. Even if it isn’t the norm, and is a little different, there are some interesting reasons for it.

An underground unit is better insulated than a normal house, and putting a shipping container underground is much less expensive and a lot easier than having something built. The better insulation cuts down on the cost of electricity and gas bill, because in the winter your underground house will be warmer and in the summer will be cooler.

Another reason for living underground is harsh weather. Tornados and hurricanes destroy homes and put people out on the streets every year. Due to being lower than ground level the wind won’t be able to damage your property like it would others. There is a reason for storm shelters being underground!

The most interesting, and least likely reason, to live underground is protection from asteroids, nuclear attacks, or the end of the world!

Shelter in a Shipping Container

How many places around the work have tornados? How many people in those are ready for the instance of a tornado coming? Shipping containers can be used for getting you ready for a storm like this, whether as a shelter for yourself, or a shelter for supplies in the event that a tornado, or other natural disaster, hits and wipes out the normal supplies.

In Florida a hurricane can keep gas stations inoperable for days, or even weeks, which could keep generators unable to run and unpowered areas without backup power. A shed could be used for storage, but I’ve personally seen plenty of those blown away with all of their contents. An underground storage unit, made from a shipping container, could be the answer to that problem. You may even be able to charge rent from neighbors to hold their own supplies and recover the cost of the unit!

 The Bat Cave

Who hasn’t, at some point, wanted an underground hideout? Well, with a few thousand dollars and some hard work you can bury a shipping container and have one for yourself. You’ll need to dig a deep and big enough hole, reinforce the calls and ceiling, and also ventilation to make sure that it’s safe enough to use first.

This can be used as a storm shelter, an out of the way storage unit, or even a hangout for you and your buddies. Underground poker night anybody? With a little extra work, and a couple of contractors, you could run electric, cable, and phone lines to it and have a movie style man-cave.

Natural Gas Trucking

Natural Gas TruckingJust outside of Washington D.C. more than 550 people gathered for the two day conference about the future of natural gas usage by the American trucking industry. Arkansas’ trucking and fleet operations, as well as their economy, may be impacted by the messages delivered at the conference.

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry plans to introduce and updated version of the Natural Gas Act, a bill for removing government barriers to the private sector’s natural gas use expansion. The original bill failed to pass during this last Congress, despite being the strong bipartisan support that it received.

Energy Independence

The world is looking in to the possibilities of using compressed natural gas (CNG) rather than the current diesel fuel, which was a point in the ATA Summit on Natural Gas in Trucking. The ATA forum was dedicated to exploring the full range of issues related to the use of natural gas in the trucking industry, with topics including current and potential technology from truck manufacturers, and recent trucking experiences with natural gas.

Currently, not enough natural gas fueling stations are available along the nation’s highways and interstates, and natural gas trucks are also more expensive to manufacture than trucks that use diesel. Overcoming these hurdles will help the U.S. become and energy independent nation and help towards moving away from oil consumption.

Vehicles running on CNG cost roughly $3,500 more than other gas powered vehicles, but the cost for the CNG itself is anywhere from 15% to 40% less than normal gasoline. CNG also has a higher octane rating, which brings stronger and cleaner engine performance, along with higher MPG. Vehicles powered by CNG also need less frequent oil changes due to the cleaner burning fuel.

Rapid Movement for Natural Gas

The market for vehicles powered by CNG is moving forward at a rapid pace, with the only limiting factor being how quickly manufacturers could push the move for CNG in an economically- smart manner for their companies.

Trucks powered by CNG or LNG (liquid natural gas) are expected to be 50% of the market by 2050, and up to 15% of the market in the next 4 years.

Save Money!

The main driving force behind the move to natural gas is the savings. Trucks running on diesel fuel are paying nearly $2 per gallon more than the cost for the diesel gas equivalent (DGE) of natural gas. With the lower cost and better MPG it’s no wonder trucking companies are making the move!

With savings like this the return on investing could be calculated to break even in months, rather than years. Many manufacturers, such as Volvo, Navistar, and Kenworth will be rolling out greater displacement natural gas engines in 2014 and 2015 that will allow trucks powered by NCG to carry heavier and longer loads than what is available now.