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Classic Car Shipping Preparation Tips

Classic Car Shipping Preparation TipsWhen we buy an antique or classic car we certainly have a valuable and amazing piece of the past in our hands which must be protected against the ravages of time at all costs. This is the reason why shipping a vehicle like that needs special care that takes precedent over everything else. Moving a vehicle of that kind can be a daunting task if you’re not careful enough. Car shipping companies have the necessary experience and protection for a vehicle that you will need so you will need their services in the days to come. The following tips will give you an idea what you should expect:


  • Researching your companies will be a boon as you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with the auto shipping industry and what you can expect from them. Make sure you understand the difference between companies and choose the one that suits your needs instead of the cheapest one available.


  • Check out your top companies for specifics around classic car shipping services and possible rates. You should ensure that the company you’re planning on using has experience with shipping such vehicles as the process is more careful than other vehicles.


  • Get as many quotes as you can for a more relevant gathering of information you can base your choices on. Keep in mind that the personal information you give away can be sold to other companies as well so try to avoid giving specifics about your location and identity if you can.


  • Compare the quotes and do whatever you can to decide whether the cost vs benefits ratio is acceptable for the finances you have to work with. The more protection you have to work with, the better the overall choice would be. Quality insurance, covered and enclosed transport as well as an acceptable price are all things you should be going for before you make that choice.


  • Choose your shipping date and keep in mind it may take a few days for a company to assign a truck for your vehicle. Allow a decent amount of flexibility on the dates you offer for the shipping itself but make it clear you want to have the vehicle delivered no later than a specific date.


  • When all is said and done you should ship your classic car and do your best to keep in contact with them as much as you deem necessary. In most cases you will have a chance to keep track of the cargo as it moves and its location through the customer support of the company so feel free to ask your questions at all times during transit.—are-your-family-ready.html

Car Shipping Tips

Car Shipping Tips

Removal, business trip or purchases are always connected with the car shipping issue. For some of you, who are new in this and travel vary rarely, this may sound as a grand task to manage. Though, the modern world does not accept such an easy operation to be easily performed. However, we would like to reduce your stress and to reduce your worries by being helpful and give you some car shipping tips. Here is a simple plan for preparation and action, when your car will need to be shipped – no matter what is the future route for it.

  • Wash your car properly at first. It is completely not polite and not practical for you to carry your car dirty or even damaged. Make sure that everything is fine with your car and then ship it. Meanwhile, if something happens (an accident during the transportation, for instance), you may show a receipt for the car examination and then demand for some kind of compensation. Being predictive and careful is a guarantee for you to balance some possible damages or accidents later.
  • Before shipping your car, you should also remove all of your personal belongings. This is a guarantee and precautions, as well. Be extremely attentive for the expensive things, as well. Anything may happen – not only larcenies, but losses or breakages, too.
  • Disable the alarm system of your car. You do not want to cause troubles to the stuff of the car shipping agency, do you? It may even become worse – some of the employees from the agency you have chose to try shutting the alarm system off. If he or she is not master, some injuries or bugs may be caused. And finally, your car does not need any alarm system during the transportation. The security is always available as a clause from the contract you will sign with the shipping agency. Physical security for your personal car is also guaranteed in general.
  • It is also good for you to make sure that the gas tank is not completely full. Leaks may cause some really serious incidents that may damage not only your car, but even bigger and more expensive properties.
  • Protect the tiny details from the outside parts of your car. For instance, cover the windows with some solid canvas and remove the anthems or some decors that usually hang out from the top of the vehicle.
  • Talk to the employees of the shipping agency! Make sure that any question you used to have before shipping the car is answered. Ask for insurance and for the route. Beware of any faults or delusion that contemporary traders are used to impose you without any sign or understanding by you. We also recommend you to avoid any negotiations about the price reduce. After all, a car is an expensive belonging and shipping it properly is a significant investment in its future.