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Expand Your Shipping Ports, Germany!

German PortsNorth German harbors, industry and delivery companies have asked for exactly what they called “a sustained upgrading and operational reliability for the Kiel Canal.”

Throughout a press panel discussion in Hamburg hosted by Port of Hamburg Marketing, port and company reps from centers along the Kiel Canal and the Hamburg Harbor Authority jointly asked for the reconstruction without delay of the 5th lock chamber and the remodeling of the two existing big lock chambers at Brunsbüttel. In the moderate term, company in the harbor and market relate to the straightening of the Eastern stretch of the canal and its deepening by one meter as fundamental steps.

Chaired by Harbor of Hamburg Advertising and marketing CEO Axel Mattern, the panel was concerned with the demands on a dependable and reliable canal facility, and the economic repercussions of its limited use and availability.

Jens Broder Knudsen, Chairman of Kiel Canal Initiative, Jens Meier, Chairman of the Exec Board of Hamburg Port Authority, Frank Schnabel, Chairman of the Federation of Schleswig-Holstein Ports, and Rainer Keiemburg, Handling Director of TOTAL Bitumen Deutschland, took part.

For Mr. Broder Knudsen, it is clear that for handling their expanding flows of goods, not merely ports on the canal, yet others in Northern Germany and our neighboring countries, depend upon having an operational Kiel Canal that is accessible devoid of obstacles.

Mr. Knudsen explained that with the assent of all 16 government states of Germany, the Bodewig Commission had actually worked out some impressive probabilities for funding facilities. Through unique funding and aviator projects, with a wide political agreement a basis had been protected for lasting refinancing of infrastructure funding as a matter of top priority. In Mr. Knudsen’s view, this will substantially streamline the execution of future facilities procedures.

“The present debate about a ‘car toll on foreigners’ should not be allowed to further prevent the politically desired topping up of additional funds in the budget,” he said. “The Kiel Canal is the lifeline that connects German ports on the North Sea with the Baltic. The funding from the special fund to be created for the essential and overdue upgrading works on the Kiel Canal should serve to secure this advantage in routing vis-à-vis the competing ports in the Netherlands and Belgium,” declared Mr. Knudsen.

In spite of several gaps and restrictions in operation of the canal, in the first fifty percent of 2013 a total of 15,940 boats transited the Kiel Canal, transporting 48.8 million lots of freight. For Frank Schnabel, the availability of the harbors lying directly on the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel, Hochdonn, Hohenhörn, Kreishafen Rendsburg plus Rendsburg Harbor, the recently developed hefty payload harbor, Kiel’s Nordhafen and the Kiel-Holtenau inland waterway harbor, have to be assured in the lasting.

For a firm like TOTAL Asphalt Deutschland, which could point to a century of excellence and with its items is likewise closely associated with infrastructural development, in Keiemburg’s sight a functioning Kiel Canal is additionally a decisive consider establishing whether Brunsbüttel’s development as an industrial base gets to a dead-end or remains on a development course.

After the substitute investments in the locks and the Levensauer elevated bridge, in the view of the Kiel Canal Campaign the expanding sizes and drafts of ships need modification of the Eastern stretch of the canal soon.

Mr. Meier stated the Kiel Canal represents “an essential topographical advantage” for the Port of Hamburg and various other German harbors on North Sea. From Hamburg to Gdansk, for example the course benefit making use of the Kiel Canal is 437 nautical miles, as compared to the route around Denmark that by means of Skagen totals 874 nautical miles.

Harbor of Hamburg Advertising and marketing CEO Axel Mattern wound up the panel discussion by commenting that as the shortest, fastest and most eco friendly sea relate to the Baltic area, the Kiel Canal is of astounding relevance for the bigger Hamburg city region.

“The present debate about a ‘car toll on foreigners’ should not be allowed to further prevent the politically desired topping up of additional funds in the budget,” he said. “The Kiel Canal is the lifeline that connects German ports on the North Sea with the Baltic. The funding from the special fund to be created for the essential and overdue upgrading works on the Kiel Canal should serve to secure this advantage in routing vis-à-vis the competing ports in the Netherlands and Belgium,” proclaimed Mr. Knudsen.

“In combination with the Elbe and the Port of Hamburg, the Kiel Canal is a traffic system. The preservation and upgrading of the canal as part of Germany’s transport infrastructure is a national obligation and utterly essential for the preservation of the competitiveness of our economy and our ports. After the neglect of infrastructure over recent decades, we expect absolutely clear signals from the incoming new federal government indicating an assured future for the Kiel Canal and the related trade industry and ports,” Mr. Mattern concluded.

Port of Wismar, Germany
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International Car Shipping Scam Avoiding Tips

International Car Shipping Scam Avoiding TipsIf you are planning on shipping your vehicle, then it is logical to assume you might be worrying about the legality and past of the shipping company you work with. The following tips will give you some details on what you can do to avoid possible complications from the whole business.


In many ways you could encounter a great many things that could still go wrong when you’re shipping a vehicle internationally. If you don’t have your paperwork filled out the right way you will encounter a great number of issues, such as leaving your vehicle stranded or seized by customs authorities. If you’re not careful such horrors can come true and you may be forced to pay quite a bit before you can recover your car. Make sure this never happens to you by following the tips we’re offering here for your convenience:


  • You should ensure the shipping company of your choice was registered with the Department of Transportation. This will provide an additional layer of credibility to what they have to offer, so ensure you’re working with someone who’s known to them.

  • Make sure the company has a viable cargo insurance, offering minimum liability which exceeds the value of your vehicle.

  • When you’re shipping your vehicle overseas you should check with the Federal Maritime Commission whether your chosen company has been registered there. They need to be considered a freight forwarder or alternately a non-vessel that operates as a common carrier. You should also ensure they have a current shipping license and bond. If your chosen company has no ties with them it means they are not allowed to provide their services legally in such manners.

  • You should avoid using local car trucking companies when it comes to international car shipping whenever possible. Although some truckers may offer a deal when it comes to car transportation abroad, you should keep in mind that their rates may not include the fees connected to the whole process.

  • Getting your company’s quotes in writing is also a good way to insure yourself against any sketchy acts. You should always check the fine print of everything you sign as you don’t want to pay any extra fees unless you absolutely have to. You should make sure your quote has the origin of the cargo, the destination and the prices listed in its entirety. There should be other details listed on it as well, such as the door pick up, the exact delivery spot, shipping insurance details, customs clearance and bill of lading costs as well.

  • If that is possible you should do your best to get a working shipping contract between you and your chosen company. It should have the things mentioned previously in a formal way, dated and signed by a person authorized to proceed with the processing of your vehicle.

  • You should check whether you could peruse the services of someone who could assist with the unloading and clearance at the destination country. You should also be aware of the possible taxes and customs duties you have to deal with before you ship the vehicle.

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International Auto Transport

International Auto Shipping TipsTransporting a vehicle internationally means you will need to deal with a decent number of details before its wheels ever touch foreign ground. Utilizing the services of an auto shipping company will be the best way you can approach the subject for maximum results. Companies will give you the edge in dealing with the necessary paperwork and regulations when it comes to customs, saving you a lot of time in the process. Prices can range greatly, depending on how far you’re going as well as whether the company has a local office or not. You will also have to deal with other things, such as insurance rates and the size of your vehicle. There are some things you will always need no matter what, such as the vehicle’s title or a letter from its holder and car insurance documents.


  • Compare the quotes of different companies and auto shippers to figure out the best solution. You should keep in mind that most such companies have their cargo leaving from a central or port city where they have access to land and sea transport.


  • Give and submit all the required paperwork to the auto shipper of your choice, as well as two copies from each of your documents, such as the notarized title, the shipper export declaration and any other relevant documents.


  • Contact your car insurance company so you can figure out whether your insurance policy covers international transport. If that is not the case, then you will need to buy better shipping insurance. The costs may vary, depending on the estimated value of your vehicle, but they can still be obtained depending on the company you work with.


  • Make sure you clean your car both inside and out as well as making it go through servicing at a mechanic. This is necessary before the company picks it up as you’ll want it to be in perfect shape. This means you’ll have to make sure all fluids are full, the battery is running and the tires have the right pressure. You should also make sure you remove all personal belongings from the vehicle as well. Turn off the car alarm and leave no more than a third tank full of fuel so you won’t have to pay to transport the extra weight.


  • Check your vehicle for any damage before you give it to your auto shipping company so you will know if any damage occurs during transit. Document any and all damage that was there before that so you’ll be able to deal with any issues that occur.


  • Keep some copies of your car keys around, at least one reserve copy of them just in case. Keys are small items things that are easy to lose, so keeping a spare set will save you a great deal of trouble.


  • At the end of the day you should make sure you stick to the plan and you leave nothing behind that may be lost or damaged during transport.

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International Auto Transport Guidelines

International Auto Shipping GuidelinesThere are many ways one can deal with auto shipping, however international auto shipping is a bit of a different deal than other ways of moving a car across the country. In many ways there are more details that need to be addressed than other situations. The following tips are aimed toward helping you with all those tasks so you won’t have to go through a hard time. Let’s begin with the first one on the list:

  • Although an auto shipping company can deal with a great deal of things surrounding the moving process, you should also keep in mind that there are things you need to do yourself. Begin with the auto insurance you have available for your vehicle. Check out how much is covered by your current insurance policy and figure out whether you won’t need a better one if it doesn’t cover these expenses.


  • Check out and prepare your documents and paperwork – you will need a letter from the title holder of the vehicle of the title itself, a declaration form and your own personal identification. In many situations the auto transport company will help take care of the paperwork, but you should ask them about it first.


  • Prepare your car ahead of time by servicing it before the trip, making sure it has good tire pressure, stable fluid levels and a well-charged battery.


  • Clean the vehicle and make sure you remove your belongings from it so they won’t get lost during transport. Check for scratches and note them down for future reference if there are any.


  • Contact several companies for the best possible results of your search. You can check for company reviews online, comparing quotes as you go. This will help you filter out any companies that don’t fit your requirements. You should keep in mind that prices will vary depending on the distance traveled as well as the size of the vehicle and the cargo involved.


There are different methods of auto transport, but two are the ones that we’ll cover here:


  • Containers used in transit are more expensive, however they are also much more safe than other solutions. This will protect the vehicle against the elements and may even be transported to a storage location of your choice.


  • Open transport on a trailer will be the other possible decision you can deal with. They will be a cheaper solution, however it will also mean your vehicle will be more exposed to the elements.


  • In the end an international move requires either air transport or sea transport to complete the circle in some cases and this means dealing with a lot of laws and regulations. Make sure you are aware of what you need to do so your vehicle won’t be kept from you.

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International Auto Shipping — 5 Things You Must Know

Virginia, Salalah and MOU and Their New Relations

Salalah Port MapWith the Port of Salalah being one of the busiest shipping ports in the world, tending to over 2.5 billion consumers, what kind of effects could this have on international auto transport?

The port of Salalah is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean Rim, and it caters to some of the world’s largest sea vessels. With its stratigic location it is a perfect hub for the West Central Asia Region.

DailPress featured : ᔥVPA inks agreement with Arabian Sea port – Daily Press

The Virginia Port Authority signed a memorandum of understanding with an Omani port Friday, establishing a toehold in the important Suez Canal trade route.

The deal with the Port of Salalah was signed by its CEO, Peter Ford, and Russell J. Held, the VPA’s deputy executive director of development in Portsmouth.

The Port of Salalah is among the busiest trans-shipment ports in the world, and its location along the world’s “major East-West shipping lanes offers access to the Middle East, Indian sub-continent, East Africa, the Indian Ocean and more than 2.5 billion consumers,” according to a VPA press release.

“Our goal with this MOU is to share operational best practices, jointly market our good service connectivity, take advantage of the U.S-Oman free trade agreement and drive investment and business growth on both ends of the supply chain,” Held said.”This is an important relationship to cultivate because of Salalah’s strategic location,” said Held said. “The Middle East and Indian sub-continent are important markets for us, and the Suez trade route to and from Asia continues to grow in importance to The Port of Virginia.”

Last year more than a fifth of the cargo volume handled at the Port of Virginia flowed through the Suez Canal, according to the VPA.

The Suez, which is in Egypt, connects the Mediterranean and Red seas. The canal has no locks, and it can accommodate ships drafting 66 feet of water.

That means some of the largest vessels in international shipping transit the Suez.

“Many of the ships moving cargo along that trade route regularly take advantage of Virginia’s 50-foot-deep shipping channels because those vessels are so large that they require deep water to safely navigate,” the VPA notes.

International auto transport could see a turn for the better with the relations in the Port of Salalah. Many car carrying vessels use this port which carry many types of cargo, from international container shipping to international auto shipping.

Tips for Buying and Shipping Cars From the US to Australia

Importing and American Classic Car to AustraliaBuying a car is something that must be taken seriously. There are many factors that need to be taken in to consideration and even more of them if you’re having a car imported. Make sure to do plenty of research when buying a car from overseas and having it imported or exported.

Do you plan to import a car to Australia from the US? Follow this checklist to avoid spending money on a car you won’t be able to drive!

Checklist for Importing a US Muscle Car to Australia

CarsGuide featured : How to buy a US Muscle car

With the booming American car market comes a word of warning for potential buyers.

The best currency rates in years have American car enthusiasts out hunting for bargains, but inadequate research and hasty decisions could turn driving dreams into nightmares, an independent importer has warned.

Queensland-based Performax International, which has imported Chevrolets, GMCs, Fords and other American brands for more than 20 years, says private importers must thoroughly investigate any proposed purchase and ensure that it can be safely converted to right-hand drive for Australian use.

The company has issued a checklist of questions to help American car owners/buyers make correct decisions, based on its experience of converting around 150 new or near-new vehicles every year.

“This is a great time for the enthusiast who hankers after a Corvette, Camaro, Mustang or other American vehicle, but it’s easy for the inexperienced to make a costly mistake by dealing with unprofessional or even unethical operators,” Performax International General Manager Glenn Soper said.

Performax International performs conversion work to ADR standards and can help owners get their dream car registered.

Checklist for buying a US muscle car

Here is a rudimentary check list compiled by Performax International for American classic car buyers.

  • - Is the conversion company ISO accredited?
  • - Will the company back its own product (not use aftermarket warranties)?
  • - Are you able to inspect and test drive a fully completed vehicle?
  • - Do they use any hand-made parts (fibreglass opposed to plastic injected)?
  • - Is it a well established company with a proven history of steering conversions?
  • - Is the company experienced in your particular vehicle model?
  • - Do they offer a full spare parts service with back-up Australia-wide?
  • - Does the dashboard fit neatly?
  • - Do all the gauges, vents, stereo, AC controls fit properly?
  • - Are the pedals positioned correctly for ADRs?
  • - If power seats are fitted do they work correctly?
  • - Will you be supplied with the owner’s manual?
  • - Does the car have ADR compliant headlights?
  • - Have the fog lights been disconnected as per ADR requirements?
  • - Have the side marker lights been disconnected as per ADR requirements?
  • - Does the car have amber indicators as per ADR requirements?
  • - Does the car have the correct tyres for Australia?
  • - Does the vehicle maintain the correct geometry and feel in the steering?
  • - Has the Australian compliance plate been fitted?
  • - Is the steering full right-hand drive with no crossover components?

There are also shipping regulations that need to be followed to make sure that your car makes it from the US the Australia.

Regulations for Permanently Importing a Car to Australia

There are 4 set schemes that determine eligibility to import a car to Australia permanently. These schemes are set by the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Transport, and you must qualify for at least 1 of them to gain approval to import your car. After determining eligibility you must then get a vehicle import approval before you can import the car.

  • Pre-1989 – This is for cars that were manufactured before January 1, 1989 and is also the easiest type of vehicle to import to Australia.
  • Registered Automotive Workshop – This is a business that is approved to import up to 100 used vehicles per category each year. The vehicles must be included on the Register of Specialist Enthusiast vehicles. CLICK HERE for a list of vehicles you can import.
  • Personal Import – This is for those who are importing a vehicle for themselves, and allows migrants setting in Australia and expatriate Australian citizens returning to Australia to bring their personal vehicles with them.
  • Letter of Compliance – This letter states that a vehicle is in compliance with the applicable ADR’s at the time of the vehicles original build date. It is extremely difficult to receive a letter of compliance and can only be obtained in exceptional circumstances, as it can only be issued by the Australian representative of the manufacturer or the organization holding the Plate Approval for that particular vehicle model.


Regulations for Temporarily Importing a Car to Australia

  • Carnet – If you are vacationing in Australia you may want to bring your car with you. To do this you need to present a valid Carnet de Passage en Duane to the Australian Customs Service at the Australian port your car arrives in.
  • Race Cars – An application for importing a race car to Australia will only be considered if the vehicle is going to be used in a serious race, typically at the professional level.

Check Out the US Muscle Car in Australia

South Korea and International Shipping

International shipping is becoming more popular around the world. Imports and exports are seeing heavy increases, especially in South Korea.

Residents of South Korea are starting to lean more towards imported vehicles and more away from Korean made cars, like Hyundai. Still the dominant brand, Korean makes are now being seen as “boring” by those looking for new cars.

New buyers are willing to pay more for cars that have been shipped in internationally because of the new and evolving styles of companies like Audi. South Korea appears to be for the change and has even cut import duties down to 3.2% from the 8% it was at 18 months ago, which is making the manufacturers and dealers able to sell the cars for less. Deals with international shipping from the U.S. are expected to create a growth of about 54% in exports of American made vehicles and auto-parts to South Korea.

Gangnam Style Imports

International Shipping - Mercedes SLK 200With the release of the Gangnam Style video on YouTube, and Psy using a Mercedes SLK 200 in the video, and, in fact, there are a lot of foreign cars seen in the video. This seems to have given a boost to international shipping to South Korea, which can be seen with the growth rate of the imports coming in after the release.

Cars shipped in internationally have taken over roughly 10% of the South Korean market, where before Hyundai and Kia held 99% of it. With trade agreements being brokered to help lower international shipping costs the overseas markets could see an influx of imports being shipped in from all over the world.

Imports are getting so much attention now because they are different, and car buyers and owners are looking for prestige from the internationally imported vehicles, rather than driving the “home grown” cars that have dominated for so long.

International Shipping Demands

Although Kia and Hyundai are seeing drops back home, they are becoming more and more in demand in other countries, and are being seen as more and more reliable. They have closed large gaps left by other manufacturers and have managed to catch up to the growing expectations of consumers with both safety and efficiency. Ten years ago Kia and Hyundai weren’t thought of as highly as they are now, and the increasing market shows how in demand they are now.

With South Korea shipping its own cars all over the world, with international demand growing, they aren’t worried about losing some of the market back home. Now putting focus to international exports, and working on free trade agreements with other countries, Kia and Hyundai are looking to expand in other countries and see much more growth than if they kept their focus at home.


63 Ford Falcon Sprint Transport

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

Ship Your Car Now was happy to be able to transport a mint 1963 ½ Falcon Sprint for one of our VIP clients from Minnesota to Australia. As usual, the vehicle arrived safely, securely and in a timely fashion.
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