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Common Car Shipping Myths

Common Car Shipping Myths
Only a few of us move our vehicles often enough to understand how it works right off the bat, so sometimes the knowledge comes too late and only after some costly mistakes. There are a lot of misconceptions about how things work that are perpetuated by the lack of understanding of how the industry works, so we will cover some of them and how things really stand with our next tips. Make sure you’re not doomed to learn all of this the hard way instead:


  • Terminal-to-terminal shipping is often said to be cheaper than the usual door-to-door services offered by car shipping companies. For the most part that makes sense, since you expect the extra effort a driver has to make to take it right to your doorstep to cost a bit more. Well you would be surprised to know that’s hardly the case in the real world. Regardless of saving time and money by leaving the vehicle at the terminal, you will still accrue fees due to your vehicle actually being sheltered in said terminal during its stay. This will effectively annul the advantages of such an arrangement in most cases. Of course, the price of the stay depends on the location of the terminal itself and where you really live, so if the home you live in is far away the costs of moving a car to your doorstep will be higher than a terminal stay. Regardless of how its viewed, in most cases regular door-to-door shipping works well enough and just as effectively as terminal-to-terminal shipping.
  • In other cases people often think its better to deal directly with the carrier, avoiding the auto transport broker as it will simply increase the overall costs. You may want to think about that one a bit before you make your move. First of all, if you deal with the broker you will need to take it upon yourself to deal with them even directly. This will mean you may need to give them constant calls to get updates, while on the other hand using a shipping agent you will have a chance to enjoy a much better organized process of helping you with easier updates. Since carriers often have a limited number of trucks that cover a specific area and route each week, while their capacity is filled, they will offer you alter dates for shipping purposes. This will require quite a bit of work for you to find a carrier that covers the route you need when you need it. Car shipping brokers on the other hand will have much better connections than you do due to being a part of the business, making easier arrangements that benefit your needs. They can even obtain discounts as well due to said connections with companies.


When all is said and done, these two common misconceptions play a small part in the grand scheme of things, so you can easily avoid them with some smart preparations and deductive reasoning. After all, doing a bit of research will greatly help your cause in the long run.

How to Avoid Car Shipping Scams

How to Avoid Car Shipping Scams
Unfortunately, the world has a lot of people willing to scam others so they can take their possessions or money. Some bogus companies exist to lure people in with lucrative prices and then suddenly make use of a clause in their contract so they can take more by building loopholes in their documentation or practices. If the customer is unaware of such practices and chooses to trust blindly, then they will likely end up paying more than they expected. The following tips will give you an idea what you can do to avoid such a fate:


  • Learn more about the company

You should start by finding out whatever you can about the company itself – name, address, phone numbers, licences and anything else you can. Check out and see whether their licence is still active, ask about referrals and insurance. Check out for reviews online, but keep in mind that those may not be too relevant, as they can also be fabricated as sometimes companies with bad business practices slander their rivals. Don’t lose heart if you see negative feedback however, as its normal to have such in any field of business regardless of efforts. Bad things happen sometimes and companies end up paying for them.


  • Look into the contract

Before you consider the business done, you should look forward to looking at every bit of the contract you will sign with the company. Whether its an electronic signature or something you do physically, you should still check any and all details surrounding it to make sure there are no ways they can take advantage of you. In a perfect world this level of paranoia would be pointless, but unfortunately we don’t live in such a world and you would be wise to be cautious just in case.


  • Talking to a representative

Regardless of all the research you do online, you will still need to talk to an actual person working for the company. Dial their number and talk to one of them about the process of transportation. In most cases you’ll be able to learn a lot from a simple call. Trust your instincts and try to deduce whether they are being truthful or not. If you believe they have answered all your questions, then go right ahead and go forth with the contract, but you should make sure you ask any and all questions you believe are relevant to the car shipping business and how your vehicle will be handled.


Follow these steps and you will save a bit of money and lots of headaches. It never hurts to be extra careful, no matter what line of business you’re dealing with.

Car Shipping Guidelines

Car Shipping GuidelinesIf you are in need of moving your vehicle, then using a professional car shipping company can be a great way to handle the situation. You can spare yourself a lot of lost time and nerves as well as possible damage to your vehicle if you turn to using such a company. They will handle the entirety of the move for you, protecting and transferring your vehicle to its new destination.

The following tips will give you an idea how you can prepare for a move of this kind:


  • Make sure you check the vehicle for any and all damage before you decide to ship it. If you bought this vehicle second-hand, then you will also need to pay attention to any possible damage that may have happened to it before you owned it, so check its documentation for such cases. Take photos of the vehicle from all angles, so you can verify its condition before you give it to the car shipping company. You can keep this for your records for future reference.
  • You must remember to remove your personal possessions from the vehicle, as they will not only get in the way during transport, but may also end up damaged or missing. Companies cover the vehicle’s safety but not the contents of the vehicle itself so make sure you take those with you instead of leaving them in the car. Remove all electronics such as radios, DVD players, GPS systems and anything else that wasn’t part of the vehicle when you got it or can easily be removed. Personal documents, parking passes, toll tags and anything else that is personal should all go without question.
  • There are a few things you need to do in terms of maintaining your vehicle before you move it. This means making sure you have the tires inflated right, recharging the car battery if need be, also making sure all fluids are filled as well. Your gas tank should have no more than a quarter of fuel so you won’t have to pay extra for its weight. Check for any other possible issues such as leaks, minor damage or anything else mechanical that needs to be fixed or changed before your car sets on the road to its new destination.
  • You should focus on the final preparations as well, as they should not be ignored even though they are easy to deal with. This means things like folding the mirrors, antenna and speciality items such as spoilers, fog lights and other similar parts of the car that may end up damaged. In all cases you should make sure you turn off the alarm system so the car won’t start blaring it as soon as the company tries to move it. Suffice it to say this would create a good deal of problems if you are already on the way to your new home and not there on site.

Acciental Diesel Gas Up

Acciental Diesel Gas UpWith gas prices being as high as they are you would think that the gas you put in your car would be safe, right? It looks like that isn’t the case in Manchester NH. It seems that a gas station was filled improperly and was pumping diesel fuel out of the regular pumps!

Not only were the regular pumps full of diesel, but the diesel pumps were full of regular fuel. Luckily the company that delivered the fuel, Albebaqui Carriers, said they are going to cover the repairs. There were at least 10 people who had reported problems of either stalling or their cars not working at all.

The problem vehicles would have had to have gotten gas between 1:30 p.m. Sunday the 16th and 8:00 a.m. Monday the 17th. Outside of those days, if you gassed up at Manchester Mart and Gas, your car should be perfectly fine!

What happens if I put diesel fuel in my vehicle instead of regular?

Cross-Country Car Shipping Tips

Cross-Country Car Shipping Tips
If you want to use cross-country car shipping services, then you will need to be aware of the costs involved in that as well as all details that go with it. The cost of shipping vehicles from one place to another can vary according to a number of factors, such as vehicle size, insurance coverage and the company itself. The following tips will prepare you for what lies ahead:



  • Doing your research

This is the first and foremost step you will need to undertake so you can get things done right. You will need to make sure you’re dealing with a good and dependable auto shipping company. To do that, you will have to check for possible reviews online, references and even its rating in the Better Business Bureau or other websites connected to such possibilities. You can also give the company a call for more information on their services as well and quotes on the possible prices, depending on the information you will provide them with.

  • Comparing prices

You shouldn’t jump right on the offer of the lowest bidders, but you should make sure you’re aware of what the company offers before you sign. Make sure you contact the absolute minimum of at least three companies before you decide, obtaining free quotes from them, so you can figure out what the best price would be in such a case.

  • Insurance options

You should always make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage before you finalize the deal. If your vehicle gets damaged during transport, you will have a chance to file a claim and get a refund on the service as well as the damages covered. You can also consider working with additional insurance from a third party if your vehicle is expensive and needs the extra care.

  • Preparing the vehicle

Before the company picks up the vehicle, you should give it the proper preparations. This includes removing all your personal items, getting it through an inspection by a qualified mechanic and emptying out its fuel to about a quarter of a tank so you won’t have to pay for that extra weight.

  • Dealing with customs

You should also be aware of the customs of each location, though this mostly applies if you’re planning on moving the vehicle to another country. All companies that deal with international car shipping should be aware of the details themselves, but it doesn’t hurt to be well-versed in them as well.

  • Prepare for the fees

Part of the basic costs of moving a vehicle is the insurance itself, however there are other things such as handling fees that need to be taken care of as well. Since this is one of the main things that will increase transport costs, you should ensure you deal with them on time before you sign the final agreement.

Advantages of Auto Shipping

Advantages of Auto ShippingThere are quite a few benefits related to auto transport, regardless of the distance of travel or the reasons you wish to move a vehicle. The costs of shipping may fluctuate depending on the current rates, prices of fuel and more. The company will give you an average rate according to these factors. Despite the rates of shipping, you will have many reasons why you’d want to use the services of a company of that kind. We will follow them in this article:




  • Professional Help

Since chances are you won’t exactly know the rules surrounding the intricacies of auto transportation, the employees working in auto shipping will know everything they need to so they can give you more specific help. They would also know the best way to transport certain types of vehicles, documentation needed and much more.

  • Saving Money

You’ll have a chance to save a great deal of money on fuel expenses, travel and more when you hire an auto company. How would that work? Well to begin with, you won’t have to deal with driving your vehicle yourself and shortening its life that way. This can be especially useful with classic vehicles and sports cars that you’d rather only drive when you want to. Working with a company like that will help you a great deal in your travels.

  • Relaxation and Trust

Moving is quite stressful, especially since you’ll have to deal with a large number of responsibilities, planning and worse. Working with an auto shipping company will allow you to let go of that responsibility so you can focus on the rest of your moving efforts.

  • Good Rates

There are quite a few companies working in the auto shipping business, so you will have a chance to contact a great number of them. There will be various in rates and quality of service, but in the end you will have a chance to choose the right rates for your needs.

  • Insurance Options

Auto shipping companies will also have an insurance policy that covers the vehicles being shipped. This will help you protect your car in times of trouble and after accidents, allowing you a chance to refund the possible loss if the worst happens.

  • Flexibility of Service

The companies you work with may allow you a more flexible opportunity when it comes to payments, so you may find a lot of convenience with the payment options.

  • Door-to-door service

You can have the vehicle picked up right from your garage and dropped off at the destination of your choice and your new home or garage. In some cases you can cut down on the costs by picking the car up from a local terminal where the car is stored before it gets shipped to your front door.

Open vs Enclosed Car Shipping Options

Open vs Enclosed Car Shipping Options
In all cases moving vehicles means you will have two options ahead of you: enclosed and open carriers. There are benefits and drawbacks to both kinds, so you will need to know both well enough to understand what you need to work with. You should call up a company you feel will be appropriate for you for more information on the subject. The hints up ahead will provide you with some information on the intricacies of auto shipping:



  • Open Carriers

These are the most common type of vehicle transportation options, we have all seen them – ten cars secured in one open trailer and the most familiar image related to auto shipping. Unlike the closed variety, there is pretty much nothing that stands between the weather and your vehicle, however they do have their advantages compared to their closed cousins. There are far more of them than the other type, which makes them far more available for those who need them for starters. You have much higher odds of finding them for your needs, so this is one great advantage you will have with them. On the other hand, they are also cheaper and more affordable than enclosed versions of the carriers used in auto shipping.


They do however also have some disadvantages, such as letting your vehicle exposed to the whims of the elements. There will be dust on it, rains may fall on it and so forth. There will be a danger of other fluids leaking onto your vehicle, depending on its position as well, so you should keep that in mind when you choose that option. If you own a convertible and you want it moved, then it will be placed on the top rack to avoid issues with any fluids leaking from cars above it.


  • Enclosed Carriers

Though they are not as commonly used as the open carriers, enclosed ones are growing more popular due to their rather obvious benefits. The vehicles are covered and hidden from the elements and they are also more protected in all manners. Its advantages are the numerous, such as a better insurance coverage compared to the open ones, sometimes up to the equivalent of $250,000 worth of insurance. They can also transport lower clearance vehicles due to using scissor lifts instead of ramps.


Naturally, there are disadvantages as well, such as the fact that it usually takes longer for a company to find an enclosed carrier due to their lesser numbers. There should be advanced notice before you manage to arrange a carrier of that kind. They are also more expensive, sometimes up to double costs depending on the company and range. You will need to contact the company or companies to make sure you really need them.

How to Save Money on Car Shipping Expenses

How to Save Money on Car Shipping ExpensesThere are enough scams in the auto transport industry as it is, so you must keep your wits if you want to benefit from. The following tips will give you a hint on what you need to do to combine saving money with common sense. Let’s begin with the first one on our list:



  • Find a good company you are interested in and check out with them for a free quote. This will give you a much better result than just picking a company and going with it. Go ahead and call as many companies as you feel you need to as long as you find the ones that attract your attention the most. You should also provide them with enough information so you could have the most accurate quote possible.
  • Avoid going with the lowest possible price. Although this seems like the easy way out it may not always be the right thing to do. You should avoid doing that as you may stumble upon a company that has to work with a carrier service, which generally slows down the process of moving. Make sure you know how they work before you use their services.
  • Research the transport companies you’re planning on working and check them out carefully. You should check out the experiences of other people online and learn from them as you go. Begin by checking out the companies via web reviews, a simple online search and ask your friends whether they have hired them or know someone who has. This will give you a great example of how your chosen company handles its business. Make sure you stick to those companies that have been around and have a solid and trustworthy reputation, backed up by experience. Also make sure they are bonded, insured and licensed.
  • Make a decision about the company of your choice and book your vehicle transport. Ensure you check for a confirmation e-mail or call from them and read their documentation in great detail before you sign. Always keep in mind that your e-signature is just as binding as your physical one so a reservation will be booked no matter how you handle things, face-to-face or electronically.
  • Prepare your vehicle by removing your personal items. Auto carriers will prefer it if your vehicle has less than a quarter tank full of fuel since they won’t have to ship more weight than necessary. This means they’ll waste less fuel themselves and your transit will be cheaper. Check out the condition of your car before you ship it as well as you will want it to be in good shape. Disable the alarm system and wash it if you have to.

Upgrades in Foreign Heavy Equipment

Operation Unified ResponseUNTIL now it has actually been widely presumed that construction equipment made by Chinese businesses, as well as tools made in China by the leading overseas services, was substandard in both quality and modern technology to suit needs in the foreign companies’ factories back residence. These assumptions have actually been squashed by a study from CLSA, a broker, which tested an array of Chinese-made equipment, and found them to be durable and high-performing. Leading Chinese brands like Sany, Zoomlion and LiuGong, whose products also have the advantage of being cheap, will quickly be included in building sites across the globe.
Things have actually transformed substantially considering the worldwide monetary situation five years back. After that, around 90 % of the equipment on Chinese building sites were foreign-branded, albeit often made inside the country. The federal government’s big fiscal stimulus, in 2008-09, triggered a construction boom which urged already existing Chinese manufacturers to become larger, and dozens of brand-new firms to get in the marketplace. The neighborhood firms did not have the technical expertise of Japan’s Hitachi and the extensive item selection of America’s Caterpillar. Yet they provided purchasers such generous markdowns and financing that by 2011 they had gotten half of the residential market.
As they have actually increased, the best Chinese services have hurried to update their innovation by buying, or entering joint ventures with, foreign rivals and providers. Sany purchased two German services, Putzmeister and Intermix, and entered a joint venture with Palfinger of Austria.
As the impact of the federal government’s stimulation has actually faded, demand for building equipment has softened. So the foreign firms, which had actually hitherto been generating fairly low-tech “made in China for China” items in their neighborhood factories, have actually progressively switched to making a lot more innovative ones for export, specifically to South-East Asian nations.
CLSA concluded that innovation gaps between the ideal Chinese services and their overseas competitors are now “nearly non-existent”. It anticipates that Sany and a handful of other larger Chinese brands will certainly lead a consolidation of the neighborhood industry, in which 60 services will come to be perhaps 6.
CLSA’s examination makes an intriguing contrast with a similar exercise in February, in which Sanford C. Bernstein, a research company, disrobed two leading models of Chinese-branded automobile, to analyze their build quality. In this case the Chinese companies were still found to be delaying their foreign competitors. So Chinese business have actually not yet found out ways to make world-class autos, however they have now split ways to make top-quality construction devices at appealing costs– and their overseas competitors need to be worried.

UNTIL now it has been largely assumed that construction equipment made by the Chinese businesses, and also tools made in China by the leading foreign services, was inferior in both quality and modern technology generated in the overseas services’ factories back home. As they have increased, the finest Chinese firms have hurried to update their modern technology by purchasing, or getting in joint ventures with, foreign rivals and suppliers. CLSA closed the large technology gaps between the best Chinese companies and their foreign rivals, and are now “nearly non-existent”. In this instance the Chinese services were still found to still be behind their overseas rivals.

Classic Car Shipping Preparation Tips

Classic Car Shipping Preparation TipsWhen we buy an antique or classic car we certainly have a valuable and amazing piece of the past in our hands which must be protected against the ravages of time at all costs. This is the reason why shipping a vehicle like that needs special care that takes precedent over everything else. Moving a vehicle of that kind can be a daunting task if you’re not careful enough. Car shipping companies have the necessary experience and protection for a vehicle that you will need so you will need their services in the days to come. The following tips will give you an idea what you should expect:


  • Researching your companies will be a boon as you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with the auto shipping industry and what you can expect from them. Make sure you understand the difference between companies and choose the one that suits your needs instead of the cheapest one available.


  • Check out your top companies for specifics around classic car shipping services and possible rates. You should ensure that the company you’re planning on using has experience with shipping such vehicles as the process is more careful than other vehicles.


  • Get as many quotes as you can for a more relevant gathering of information you can base your choices on. Keep in mind that the personal information you give away can be sold to other companies as well so try to avoid giving specifics about your location and identity if you can.


  • Compare the quotes and do whatever you can to decide whether the cost vs benefits ratio is acceptable for the finances you have to work with. The more protection you have to work with, the better the overall choice would be. Quality insurance, covered and enclosed transport as well as an acceptable price are all things you should be going for before you make that choice.


  • Choose your shipping date and keep in mind it may take a few days for a company to assign a truck for your vehicle. Allow a decent amount of flexibility on the dates you offer for the shipping itself but make it clear you want to have the vehicle delivered no later than a specific date.


  • When all is said and done you should ship your classic car and do your best to keep in contact with them as much as you deem necessary. In most cases you will have a chance to keep track of the cargo as it moves and its location through the customer support of the company so feel free to ask your questions at all times during transit.—are-your-family-ready.html