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Car Shipping Quotes

You can easily find out the what the best rates are right now for transporting your vehicle by calling or filling out the simple quote form below. Take a moment to read some of our reviews and there’s plenty of video of some our shipments and car shows. We look forward to providing you the 5 star rated service that we are well known for.

car shipping quotesThe cost of shipping a car changes regularly. Some of the factors that cause those changes are cost of fuel, time of year, how quickly you need the shipment done, and the size of the vehicle that you have. When getting car shipping quotes you need to keep these facts in mind, and just because a you paid one thing a few months ago doesn’t mean you will pay the same now.

If you want to get the best rate for shipping your car you need to know the different aspects that change the cost. The biggest thing to remember when talking to anybody will always be that the driver is the one who sets the price. It is sometimes possible to negotiate with the driver, but anyone who tells you a price that’s much lower than anyone else you talk to is probably pulling your leg.

Changes in Car Shipping Costs:

  • The cost of fuel makes a huge impact on the cost of shipping a car. The driver doesn’t want to lose money, or break even for spending hours and hours on the road away from family. If the cost of diesel fuel goes up then the cost of any car transport will go up too.
  • All through the year the prices for car shipping fluxuate due to increase or decrease in shipping, usually caused by snow birds. Snow birds are northerners who travel south during winter months to escape snow and bask in the warmth of Florida. During this time trucks are so loaded with cars that the drivers can as for almost anything they want. Something that a few months before that cost only $500 will now cost twice, or even three times as much!
  • Now, lets say that you need a vehicle picked up tomorrow and delivered in under a week 1,200 miles away. Unless you get very lucky, the only way will be for a carrier to pick up your car and ignore the unfilled spots on his truck. Those empty spots are lost money unless the cost is covered, which could cost several hundred dollars extra. Not to mention getting the driver to drop everything he’s doing to go and pick up your car.
  • Vehicle weight and size add to the cost of gas for the carrier. The size adds wind resistance and the weight makes the engine have to work harder to pull the trailer and use more gas, and if the vehicle is so long that it takes up more than a single spot then the carrier can’t carry as many cars. The extra gas used and losing the space for another car means that the cost has to be made up.

Each factor can greatly increase car shipping quotes and knowing these things can save you money. If you want to know more about car shipping or if you want to schedule a pickup, call 888-532-8805 now. Talk to you soon!

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