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Car Shipping Rates

There are 2 lowest price quotes you can get. How can that be you ask? The first lowest price is the one that companies of ill repute will give you just to get your deposit made on your credit card. You’re then held a virtual hostage as they string you along with story after story about why they need more money. The second and most important lowest price is the one that matters. That’s the lowest price the driver that runs your route will accept to put your vehicle on their truck. This is based on a few different factors including demand, fuel cost and vehicle size.

We monitor the demand, current diesel prices and have networks of thousands of drivers across the country to ensure we have as many options as possible. There are tons of reviews of happy customers who took advantage of our significant resources and got their vehicles delivered on time and on budget, read them here. Call us today, we’ll review your options and get the process underway.

Car Shipping RatesWhen getting car shipping quotes it’s important to know what to look for in a transporter. If you’re not on the lookout you may end up getting screwed by a non-reputable company. The first step in finding a company that will give you real car shipping rates is to find one that’s been around for a while, as car shipping companies that scam people usually don’t last very long. The next step is to check reviews for that company on sites that are made for that, like Transport Reviews.

Something to remember is that car shipping rates are set by the driver, not the person you are on the phone with. Drivers don’t bid on cars to take them, like at an auction, you bid on the spot on the drivers truck. If the driver can’t cover his own expenses with your bid your car, truck, van, SUV, RV, or boat will not be picked up.

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