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Customer Feedback

Car And Truck Transport – Fantastic Service!

Coming from the perspective of someone who has been "taken" by people in this business, I sincerely appreciated Adriana’s honesty and diligence with our order. A+ all the way and would highly recommend in the future. Thank you again.

— Jared (Car And Truck Transported from Massachusetts to California)

Car Shipping – Mind And Wallet At Ease

Rodney Wordlaw made my automobile shipping experience the best ever. I was concerned about shipping my auto to my daughter in Maryland and from the very 1st phone call Rodney Wordlaw put my mind and wallet at ease.

Absolute professional and I highly recommend Rodney Wordlaw and Ship Your Car Now, LLC.
to anyone…

— Hely (Car Transported from Florida to Maryland)

Truck Shipping – Thank You Guys!

I contacted a few companies to transport my truck from Arizona to Pittsburgh. Although the price range was within $200 of each I stayed with this company due to the personalized service Michael Levine had given me. I was back and forth with decision to drive back or ship back. I even had his cell phone number to contact him with questions to further my decision! Wow, did I use it.

It is a big ordeal to go through this over the phone with a company you don’t know and doing this for the first time made me very nervous. However, Michael and his guys made it as easy as could be and gave me constant up to date timings of where my truck was!

I was convinced I made the right decision with the right company and you will too if you try them!! I really think he went the extra mile for me…way above and beyond! Thank you guys for everything I put you through on a day to day basis! I would definitly recommend you to everyone!

— Carole (Truck Shipped from Arizona to Pennsylvania)

Car Shipping – Picked Up And Delivered On Time

As many people do, I went online got a general request and within seconds I got over 10 emails and phone calls. One of them was from Ship Your Car Now. They took the time to explained how the car shipping business works and how quotes are given. They told me why companies give a low price and how they fail. ShipYourCarNow gave me the opportunity to bid a low price and within 2 days we got a shipper. My car was picked up on time and delivered on time.

You would have to be a fool to do business with anyone else, regardless of price.

— Delfin (Car Shipped from Florida to Texas)

Car Shipping – I Chose Ship Your Car Now

Just as many reviews I have read from other consumers on this website, I was nervous about shipping a car, as I had never done so before. Once I emailed my request for information about shipping my car, I began to be bombarded with calls and emails from many different brokers. Initially I started to feel frustrated and overwhelmed, as it seemed each person I spoke with had a different story, and a different price, and I did not know what to think? When Ship Your Car Now first called I was almost at my wits end, and I almost didnt let them talk, what a mistake that would have been, but they spoke calmly and slowly, and they actually asked me if I had ever shipped a car before, when I told them no, they then slowly explained the industry to me, after 7 or eight calls, I realized no one had done this, and they explained to me that’s probably why I was feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated.

After taking a mere 5-10 minutes to educate me to the transport business, my decision was simple, I chose Ship Your Car Now. My car was picked up on time, and delivered on time. Thanks to Ship Your Car Now for dispatching and customer service was pleasant, honest, and always responded back to me in a prompt and timely manner.

In closing, when or if ever I need to ship a car in the future, I will use Ship Your Car Now for car shipping without hesitation, and anyone that reads this should do so as well! Give them just a few minutes to explain the industry, and their philosophy, and you will disregard all the other fast talking story tellers that are just trying to get a deposit out of you, and you will happily retain Ship Your Car Now!!!!

— Paul (Car Shipped from Florida to New York)

A+ Car Shipping Service

This was my first time transporting a car and thankfully I spoke to Ship Your Car Now. I got a few quotes from several companies, but Ship Your Car Now was very honest about the whole process and the best and fastest way to get my car shipped. They were not just a salesman on the phone, they actually took the time to make sure I knew everything about the process and my car arrived quickly just as they said it would. Would use again and recommend to anyone. A+ service.

— Emma (Car Shipped from Kentucky to Florida)

Up Front And Honest Auto Transport

This was the first time that I had ever had to ship a vehicle before so I was a little nervous. I spoke with Ship Your Car Now and they was very up front and honest about how the whole process worked. They said that it would take about two days for my car to be picked up. My car was picked up the next day and the driver was very friendly and helpful. My car arrived at its final location 4 days later in great condition. If I had to do this again I would definitely recommend this company. I am a single mother with two kids who was a little hesitant about doing this to begin with. Ship Your Car Now and their team made this a stress and worry free process. A++++++

— Sandy (Car Shipped from Louisiana to South Carolina)

Great Car Shipping Service!

First time ever using a car transport service and the experience was great. I would recommend Ship Your Car Now, LLC to anyone in need of this service. The owner of Ship Your Car Now, was pleasant, honest, and patient. The driver, Collins, was great he picked up my car on time and delivered it before the stated due date. Great service!!!

— Arlette (Car Shipped from Maine to Maryland)

Excellent Auto Transport Service

Excellent service, trustworthy, and polite to myself and my wife. Will recommend to everyone i know. Satisfaction at its best. Tell all of your friends to ask for Ship Your Car Now. They are knowledgeable and kind. Not salesmen.

— Mark (Auto Transport from Florida to New York)

You Guys Will Be My Only Call For Car Shipping

I just wanted to thank you guys for being totally upfront with me and explaining how the shipping process actually works. My car was picked up 12 hours after our first contact and delivered 2400 miles away in just 3.5 days.

The driver was a real good guy too. Thanks again, you guys will be the only call I make on my next transport.

— Rory (Car Shipped from Florida to California)

No Better Way To Ship A Car

I usually don’t write reviews for anyone… but this time i wanted to because these guys were great. From Ship Your Car Now, the person i spoke to that went out of their way getting me a truck the next day to the driver of the truck Greg, that waited for me more than he needed to at the pickup and went out of his way doing an excellent job delivering my car. I have an exotic car that is only about 3 inches off the ground. It was an enclosed truck with the rear lift that lifts the entire car so no using ramps. They took great care of it. Needed the car delivered from southern California to northern. They picked it up in less than 24Hrs of my call and delivered it in less than 24Hrs of the pickup for $550. Great service for a great price. Definitely using these guys again. No better way to ship.

— Pat (Auto Transport from Southern California to Northern California)

An Honest Auto Transport Company

Sent two vehicles from Maryland to California. Watchout for low ballers who just want your business and deposit but will not deliver.

I was pretty horrified as two prior deals of mine and fallen through. Ship Your Car Now told me the honest price of what I was to expect. They had top end software that allowed one to see reasonable rates that other brokers did not have. I dealt with two of the worst pathological liars before I found ShipYourCarNow. I was offered a no deposit option because of the trauma I went through and Ship Your Car Now delivered within hours. They can work on the price and get you what you need. If you are in a hurry it will go up a little but Ship Your Car Now will increment it until you get the right price.

An honest company in a world full of thieves!

— Richard (Cars Shipped from Maryland to California)

A No Nonsense Auto Transport Company Who Performs

I recommend Ship Your Car Now, LLC for transporting a car. I inquired through a web site and was immediately called back by Danny. He was up front and educated me on the process of the transport. He quoted me a price and gave me the name of dispatch who contacted me the same day. The car was shipped the next morning. No worries at all. It was a pleasure dealing with a no nonsense company who performs.

— Tim (Car Shipped from Maine to California)

Thanks Ship Your Car Now!

Ship Your Car Now was quick to locate a driver, provided regular updates, and saw the shipment through on its journey. Great service. Fast pickup. Honest! Thanks ShipYourCarNow!

— Greg (Car Shipped from Virginia to Tennessee)

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