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International Auto Shipping Rates

How do you get the best rates when transporting your vehicl globally? First, lets define the term “best rate”. Many people confuse “best rate” with the “lowest rate”. The best rate is the amount it takes to get your vehicle moved safely and on schedule. The lowest rate often does neither. If every person you spoke with had the experience and was capable of delivering your vehicle through the logistics maze without destroying your sanity then you would of course shop for the lowest rate.

The problem is that many people you speak with couldn’t care less if your vehicle makes it safely to its destination and many others don’t have the experience or resources to make it happen without a series of expensive disasters.

Avoid the frustration. Use someone who has shipped to every major port and has millions of miles of transport under their belts. Someone who will be there 24/7. Someone like Ship Your Car Now. Give us a call or fill out the simple quote form below.

international auto shipping quotes
International Auto Shipping Rates

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