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International Vehicle Shipping


Our international logistics team has shipped to virtually every port of call around the world. If you need a quick move to the Bahamas, Cape Town, Dubai, Rotterdam, Busan or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Check out our reviews and once you have the vehicle and destination and estimated date of shipment together, give us a call or click below to get the best current rates. We’ll talk to you soon!
Getting the best price for international shipping is completely different than getting the cheapest price. The best price is the real price it will take to move your vehicle by a reputable company factoring current market conditions and costs.

It’s difficult to get an accurate rates with an automated calculator as well because influencing factors such as fuel costs and route demand can cause large fluctuations. Some estimates you will get will be comically low. Beware of fly by night companies who purposely lowball your quote to get you committed with them and then continuously jack up the price after they get your deposit. Read reviews at industry specific 3rd party review sites like

Take a minute and a piece of paper and jot down the specifics for your shipment so you can have them readily available when speaking to a shipping company or when you submit the information on an inquiry form. You will need information like; year, make & model of the vehicle, list of specific customizations that could have made the vehicle taller, wider, longer or heavier than when it left the factory, the pickup location including any specifics if it will be difficult for a semi tractor trailer to easily access said vehicle, the date you need the vehicle picked up and the date you need it delivered by (keep in mind that these dates need to be estimates as hard dates are nearly impossible to keep as weather conditions and even political and regulatory conditions can cause delays).

The more specific information you have the better. Don’t let all of this intimidate you as our international vehicle shipping experts are experienced, qualified and readily available to address all of your logistical concerns.

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International Vehicle Shipping

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