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Shipping Cars Overseas

Your vehicle has to go through a lot of hoops to make it to its international destination. You have to first get it from its current location to the port where it will be departing the USA. Did you know that the truck carrying your vehicle has to have special paperwork to enter most ports? The T.W.I.C. card or Transportation Workers Identification Credential, is necessary to gain entrance into a port. If the company you engage does not have a driver that has access to a TWIC card then your vehicle will never make it on the ship.

This is just one of the hoops that can be the downfall of your shipment if not handled properly. Something so minor as a piece of identification could stop everything. Be sure to get a 5 star rated international logistics company who has the experience and support personnel in place to ensure the “hoops” don’t get in the way.

overseas car shipping
Shipping Cars Overseas

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Transportation Worker Identification Credential

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