Terms and Conditions

By allowing the brokering of my vehicle transport by Ship Your Car Now I hereby agree to the following transport terms provided by ShipYourCarNow, LLC. I authorize the stated amount to be paid to ShipYourCarNow, LLC or its affiliates. I further understand that any remaining Balance is Due on Delivery or Pick-up, and that it must be paid in full by means of money order, cashiers check or cash at the time of delivery/pick-up to the authorized transporter. I also understand that my fuel payment is nonrefundable. The COD amount may vary depending on other vehicle listings and availability of drivers.

While every effort will be made to confirm a driver at the estimated amount above and meet the customers requested scheduling, no guarantee of pickup or delivery date can be made. Delays may occur due to carrier schedules, mechanical failure, inclement weather, acts of God, and unforeseen circumstances. Customer agrees to not use any other broker but ShipYourCarNow, LLC to locate a carrier for vehicle shipment. While ShipYourCarNow, LLC makes every proactive effort to locate drivers within our network we also post on a national dispatch board that is used by carriers outside our network. Multiple listings for the same vehicle will only hinder our ability to dispatch your vehicle and may result in a cancellation fee.

All dates of pickup and delivery are estimated and not guaranteed. ShipYourCarNow, LLC will not be responsible for any charges incurred due to delay of pick up or delivery. This includes but is not limited to airline tickets or rental car fees. All dispatched orders must be canceled by calling the offices of ShipYourCarNow, LLC at 1-888-532-8805 with a valid order number and requesting a cancellation procedure email.

In addition to agreement to the terms and conditions, I understand that at the time of service ShipYourCarNow, LLC will contract a carrier. In that event, ShipYourCarNow, LLC will not be responsible for any negligence on the part of the contracted carrier. Any claims must be made with the carrier who actually performed the transport service. The shipper hereby waives any claim for damages and agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Ship Your Car Now from and against any and all claims, losses, costs, damages including attorneys’ fees and expenses of every kind of nature arising.When transporting my vehicle I further understand that I, as the Shipper, am responsible for any personal belongings in the car. I understand that Federal Law prohibits the inclusion of items in the vehicle; should I choose to include personal belongings in my vehicle, I understand that I may be subject to a fine/fee. Should I choose to include items in my vehicle, I understand that Ship Your Car Now, LLC is in no way responsible for any fines or fees, and that the insurance on my vehicle solely covers the vehicle and none of the items I may or may not choose to include. I completely understand that this agreement is only valid with my signature affixed below/or electronically authorized via email or fax to ShipYourCarNow, LLC at 1-561-422-4730 and I will not seek to charge back a credit card charge or dispute any charge by Ship Your Car Now, LLC.

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