How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Florida to Kentucky?

How much does it cost to ship a car from Florida to Kentucky?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Florida to Kentucky?

Rose would pay about $730.00 (for open transport during September of 2017), rates vary by season too.

Imagine how vintage 1986 Porsche 944 Turbocharged could be for the owner? That feeling can be amazing for so many reasons. It could be the $30,000 price tag or the specifications particularly the speed which could pass for a racing car some years ago. Either way, Ship Your Car Now was able to lay hands on one of these rare breeds of automobile and we were tasked with shipping from Oviedo, Florida to Louisville in Kentucky.

Shipping A Porsche 944 from Florida to Kentucky
Shipping A Porsche 944 from Florida to Kentucky

We delivered excellently as we always do.  Check it out…

Let us give you a rundown of where we’ll be shipping from. Popularly known as the Sunshine State, Florida is the southernmost US states, bordering Georgia and Alabama with a wide view of the Bahamas. As a place known for its lovely beaches.  You can always have us ship your car here as a tourist and after you are done enjoying Florida.  We can help you get you back to wherever in the United States. That’s exactly what we did for Rose, C at a pocket-friendly rate. And Kentucky, another Southern state not too far from Florida, but far enough for anyone who intends to drive all the way. Kentucky has close to 5 million inhabitants and is Nicknamed the Bluegrass State.

We are talking about 861.1 Miles which could amount to roughly 13 hours of road driving via the I-75 N according to Google Map. Would you want to take your new beast through such a tasking and car wrecking trip? You don’t have to answer that, Ship Your Car Now has the answer. No one would ever want to subject their vintage car across Georgia and Tennessee.   There is a more logical option of shipping without losing a sweat. By the time you get to Atlanta, Georgia, it’s either you are zapped out of your energy or your beast is crying for help due to the stress you’ve subjected it to.

So, let’s assume you intend to ship from the Sunshine State after the summer holidays to the Bluegrass state.  Ship Your Car Now is the right direction to look. Remember the shipping cost is hugely determined by the distance.  Shipping weight, in this instance, 13 hours and 3040 lbs. respectively.

Ring up Ship Your Car now and tell us you want to know the cost to ship a car from any brand of car from Florida to Kentucky and your car will be treated like royalty all the way to your doorstep. At no cost, we will provide you a great quotation of what it will cost to move that car. Just prepare your care for shipping, it will be delivered without a scratch. That’s how we treat every car at Ship Your Car Now.  We alue the taste of our customers. Be smart like Rose C, trust us with your car and we’ll never let you and your car down.

For a quote to ship your car from Florida to Kentucky or anyplace else, go to our Car Shipping Quote form.

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