Ship Your Car and Fly – Some Summer Air fair tips.

Ship your car and fly - some summer air fair tips

Well you decided to Ship Your Car with Ship Your Car Now?

So, as a thank you…  Here are some

Hacks on Saving On Summer Vacation Airfare

This is not just another hack that you learn nothing from. We know you deserve that summer vacation after a long year of working and toiling hard but airfares can be a huge detriment. In simple terms, vacations are expensive but you deserve every bit of it. All work and no play is not good for your health and mind. The expensive part of a vacation is what we’ll deal with right away. You don’t necessarily have to spend an average of $1,180 per person on a vacation, there are ways to get better deals. As a family of 4, you will be spending close to $5000 bucks on a vacation that’s why you need to follow this hacks to save a couple of hundred bucks.

  • Patronize Airline Consolidators

You may not know them but we do. These are air ticket wholesalers who buy in bulk who does not care if you are a traveler or the travel agents. That’s where these travel agents buy from at rock bottom prices at sell to you at exorbitant prices with you thinking you’ve gotten the best deal for yourself. You can cut cost by atleast $200 by buying from consolidators. For your next vacation, you’ll have to eliminate these travel agents and buy directly from consolidators.

Can you calculate how much you’ll be saving for a family of four? $800!

  • Advance Booking  (This helps when you ship your car too).

Don’t ever wait till June when prices of airfare is towering before you book your vacation flight. As soon as you decide where you are heading to for vacation, book ahead and make plans. The rule of thumb when it comes to getting cheap flights is the number of seats available at the time of booking. The more seats available the cheaper, so get into the race early and secure the cheapest seat. 21 days to your departure is a good time to get things in place. As soon as your departure date is near, the fares shoots up.

Don’t wait for discount few days to your flight. The earlier, the cheaper.

  • Browsing History Must be Cleared

You must have wondered how the flight ticket you checked few days or hours ago has increased by hundreds of bucks? It’s the browsing history that you failed to clear. Booking sites save your visits and preferences and know when you come back, they are even waiti g for you to come back. By clearing your cache, and history, you may be lucky to have the same price.

You are being watched, you will pay extra to the watchman!

  • Know the Right Day to Book

Opinion differs on the best days to book a vacation flight. If a consensus can be reached, the best period will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays when airlines post discounts. You will rarely find a summer vacationer travelling early in the week, always towards the week ends.

Be an early bird, never book flights towards the weekends.  And always use when shipping your vehicle!


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