Common Car Shipping Myths

Common car shipping myths


Only a few of us move our vehicles often enough to understand how it works right off the bat, so sometimes the knowledge comes too late and only after some costly mistakes. There are a lot of misconceptions about how things work that are perpetuated by the lack of understanding of how the industry works, so we will cover some of them and how things really stand with our next tips. Make sure you’re not doomed to learn all of this the hard way instead:

Terminal-to-terminal shipping is often said to be cheaper than the usual door-to-door services offered by car shipping companies. For the most part that makes sense, since you expect the extra effort a driver has to make to take it right to your doorstep to cost a bit more. Well you would be surprised to know that’s hardly the case in the real world. Regardless of saving time and money by leaving the vehicle at the terminal, you will still accrue fees due to your vehicle actually being sheltered in said terminal during its stay. This will effectively annul the advantages of such an arrangement in most cases. Of course, the price of the stay depends on the location of the terminal itself and where you really live, so if the home you live in is far away the costs of moving a car to your doorstep will be higher than a terminal stay. Regardless of how its viewed, in most cases regular door-to-door shipping works well enough and just as effectively as terminal-to-terminal shipping.

In other cases people often think it’s better to deal directly with the carrier, avoiding the auto transport broker as it will simply increase the overall costs. You may want to think about that one a bit before you make your move. First of all, if you deal with the broker you will need to take it upon yourself to deal with them even directly. This will mean you may need to give them constant calls to get updates, while on the other hand using a shipping agent you will have a chance to enjoy a much better organized process of helping you with easier updates. Since carriers often have a limited number of trucks that cover a specific area and route each week, while their capacity is filled, they will offer you alter dates for shipping purposes. This will require quite a bit of work for you to find a carrier that covers the route you need when you need it. Car shipping brokers on the other hand will have much better connections than you do due to being a part of the business, making easier arrangements that benefit your needs. They can even obtain discounts as well due to said connections with companies.

When all is said and done, these two common misconceptions play a small part in the grand scheme of things, so you can easily avoid them with some smart preparations and deductive reasoning. After all, doing a bit of research will greatly help your cause in the long run.

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