What is The Cost of Shipping a Car From California to Florida?

What is the cost of shipping a car from California to Florida

We all love the warm Atlantic waters of Florida and want to move there. You don’t have to sell your car due to this, you can ship your car while you travel by air. The question you’ll want us to answer right now is definitely the cost of shipping from California to Florida. Shipping a car from California to Florida could be in the range of $1000 to $1500, we quoted $1100 for Christopher M and delivered in time. The cost is hugely determined by the car’s make and model, the distance and the delivery option you prefer. Shipping a car from California to Florida is not a complicated process, just entrust your car with a reliable auto transport company like Ship Your Car Now.

In the words of Caranddriver.com, they call the Toyota Prius which we were to ship from California to Florida “Smaller, Shorter, Lighter and Lesser.” That’s not our own concern but delivering on time and at a great cost for Christopher M. We actually did deliver according to the ETA we gave our customer and also at a cost that made him smile when he saw his car dropped at Florida. He was without choice than to give us a 5.0 Star review as we provided an excellent shipping service.

See Christopher’s actual car shipping costs from San Jose to Venice

Florida Beach
Florida Beach


If you intend to spend a good time on the road, driving 2,735.4 miles via I-40 E for close to 40 hours of non-stop driving is not what we’ll want for our customers. You will be driving across the country, spending between $1000 and $1700 for auto shipping is a wise investment. Aside from the 40-hour road trip that will wear you out, the other cost that will spring up in the course of driving all the way from California to Florida will hurt your pocket. In case you don’t know also, you will be adding around 3000 miles to the mileage of your car. Be prepared to do an oil change, buy a new belt, tires and another essential aspect of your car that will be affected by the stress you will be putting it through.

You cannot drive non-stop from California to Florida, you will need to lodge at a point and eat. This will amount to extra expenses beyond the $1000 to $1500 you would have paid if you contract an auto shipper like Ship Your Car Now. This is a route that is popular on our schedule at Ship Your Car Now, we run an east coast to west coast shipping daily, your car will not have to stay in the queue for too long before we ship to Florida. Either you want it in an enclosed or open trailer, we have it all to ensure your car is safely delivered to Florida.

Cost of shipping is manually determined and realistic based on demand and supply. During snowbird season, there might be high prices due to the high demand and number of people moving to Florida. We also run shipping from California to Florida for students going or returning from school. Military officers can also benefit from our California to Florida Shipping.

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