What is The Cost of Shipping From New York to North Carolina?

cost of shipping from New York to North Carolina

What is The Cost of Shipping From New York to North Carolina?

Going from 0-60 mph in 60 seconds is one of the strong points of the 2016 Honda CR-V we shipped from New York to North Carolina. Even though this car moves at 124 mph with 190 horsepower, subjecting its wheels to the torturous roads between Albany in New York and Cary in North Carolina will have an adverse effect on this reliable, versatile and competent car. Even with its 27-mpg fuel economy, you will be spending a whole lot on gas driving across Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey.

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The average cost ranges from $500-$800 depending on the season, the type of vehicle, time frame for delivery (rush), and more..

Don’t be fazed by the less than an hour flight from New York to North Carolina, you will have to drive straight 10 hours with your 2016 Honda CR-V at it highest speed before you can reach North Carolina. Google map estimated the distance between the two states to be at around 518.7 miles via I-95 S. This is a long drive and you will need to stop midway to take a nap before getting back to your journey the following day, that’s additional cost aside fueling of the car.

You need not subject yourself to such stress. That’s why we are here for you. Ship Your Car Now shipped this 2016 Honda CR-V from New York to North Carolina for Venkatesh P. and he got a great quote on the shipping. You do not need to add an extra 517 miles to the mileage of your car, it will affect the resell value later on. Let’s even look at it from another perspective. The psychological stress of driving non-stop for 10 hours through an unfamiliar road will affect your health and you will need to schedule a visit a visit with your doctor if your body does not respond well to this stress. You will be incurring more expenses than what you would have paid an automobile shipper who is expert at what they do.

Your car will never remain the same going on that long trip. A visit to a mechanic for an oil change may suffice. Your tires will also suffer a lot that you may have to change them. All this are the cost you will incur by driving your car all alone. Let us help ship it at a moderate rate that will not affect your bank balance. ShipYourCarNow.com is an expert when it comes to shipping every brand and type of automobiles. Our customers have so much trust in our services as they entrust us with high valued cars and we always deliver.

Don’t even think of driving it all by yourself, prepare your car for shipping and you will realize you are making the best decision as a car owner. New York to North Carolina happens to be one of our popular routes, we always have customers shipping their cars along this route. Why not fly while we ship it for you. A call is all you need to get a quote.

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