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Transporting a vehicle internationally means you will need to deal with a decent number of details before its wheels ever touch foreign ground. Utilizing the services of an auto shipping company will be the best way you can approach the subject for maximum results. Companies will give you the edge in dealing with the necessary paperwork and regulations when it comes to customs, saving you a lot of time in the process. Prices can range greatly, depending on how far you’re going as well as whether the company has a local office or not. You will also have to deal with other things, such as insurance rates and the size of your vehicle. There are some things you will always need no matter what, such as the vehicle’s title or a letter from its holder and car insurance documents.


  • Compare the quotes of different companies and auto shippers to figure out the best solution. You should keep in mind that most such companies have their cargo leaving from a central or port city where they have access to land and sea transport.


  • Give and submit all the required paperwork to the auto shipper of your choice, as well as two copies from each of your documents, such as the notarized title, the shipper export declaration and any other relevant documents.


  • Contact your car insurance company so you can figure out whether your insurance policy covers international transport. If that is not the case, then you will need to buy better shipping insurance. The costs may vary, depending on the estimated value of your vehicle, but they can still be obtained depending on the company you work with.


  • Make sure you clean your car both inside and out as well as making it go through servicing at a mechanic. This is necessary before the company picks it up as you’ll want it to be in perfect shape. This means you’ll have to make sure all fluids are full, the battery is running and the tires have the right pressure. You should also make sure you remove all personal belongings from the vehicle as well. Turn off the car alarm and leave no more than a third tank full of fuel so you won’t have to pay to transport the extra weight.


  • Check your vehicle for any damage before you give it to your auto shipping company so you will know if any damage occurs during transit. Document any and all damage that was there before that so you’ll be able to deal with any issues that occur.


  • Keep some copies of your car keys around, at least one reserve copy of them just in case. Keys are small items things that are easy to lose, so keeping a spare set will save you a great deal of trouble.


  • At the end of the day you should make sure you stick to the plan and you leave nothing behind that may be lost or damaged during transport.

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