How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Motorcycle or Car from New York to Florida?

How much does it cost to ship a car or motorcycle from New York to Florida

Need to find out how much it costs to ship a car or even a motorcycle from New York to Florida?  Maybe you are a Seasonal Traveler?  Heading South to Florida (or a return trip?)

How long can you drive without getting tired? Ask yourself that question before hitting the road. What is the distance we are talking about here? According to Google map, New York to Florida is about 1,160 miles, amounting to 18 hours of non-stop driving via I-95 S. Flying may take just 2 hours but going by road may mean you will spend close to 24 hours trying to reach your destination. You will be driving through six states; Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Can you handle that? Why not let an expert auto shipping company handle your shipping?

It’s not just about cars, we also ship motorcycles and boats. We just shipped a 2004 Harley Davidson Deuces from Staten Island in New York to Port St. Lucie in Florida. Let us tell you about, this beastly motorcycle we shipped for Scott, D. Valued at around $17,000 by with a 5-Speed gearbox and weigh 643.7 lbs. Even though daredevil riders might want to embark on this body damaging task of rider from New York to Florida, it will be economical and wise to ship from New York.

Scott D gave us a 5.0-star rating as his 2004 Harley Davidson Deuces was delivered on time at less than $1500. You have the idea of what it will cost to ship your motorcycle from New York to Florida now. We handle shipping of luxury motorcycles the same way cars are also handled, we deliver in the same condition the motorcycle was handed to us. No scratch or dent to the motorcycle. Considering the cost you would have incurred on riding all the way from New York to Florida, shipping through us is the best option for you and your motorcycle, car, truck, RV, Boat and more…

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But for this blog, we wanted to talk more about motorcycle shipping.

So, you want to ship a motorcycle? Why would you want to have a motorcycle in Florida, a motorcycle along the beautiful beaches of Florida can spice up your holiday? You don’t need to battle with road closures, just feel the gentle breeze kissing your skin. Ensure you are properly kitted in case the wind intend to take over your motorcycle.

You would think a motorcycle does not take much space and weigh like a car, that doesn’t make it lesser. It will take the same space and time to ship from New York to Florida. Prepare your motorcycle for shipping by checking all your fluids if the motorcycle is in a proper working condition. Clean it thoroughly and note the existing scratches and dings, at Ship Your Car Now we don’t only deliver but deliver without any damage or scratch.

In summation, we can ship your motorcycle (and cars, trucks, boats, and more) to wherever you want it. Just get it to us and we will make you a happy customer like Scott. Expect a great quotation that will be dependent on the season and the model of your motorcycle. We’ll make it happen as at when you need it. Don’t subject yourself to harsh road conditions and remember to look both ways!

Think of when you want to ship a motorcycle (even though the site is cars, we know….)

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