3 Moving Tips from a Warm Climate to Cold

3 moving tips from a warm climate to cold

Moving can be a fun and new experience and moving from a warm climate to a colder one, comes with its own challenges and unique adventures. Whether you are moving for a job, transferring temporarily or have always wanted to see snow, there are still a few things you must to prepare for your move.

1.       Prepare Your Vehicles and Your Driving Skills

First and foremost, if you are moving from a warmer climate to a colder one, it is time to take a hard look at your vehicles and begin preparing it and yourself for colder weather driving. It is very important to have a reliable mode of transportation during the winter months, so before your big move, be sure to have your car fully serviced and prepared for its long journey to its new  home.

While having your car serviced, request to have winter tires or all season tires placed on your car, this will make driving a little better and offer less opportunities for slide out and skids. All season and winter tires are designed to provide good traction on slippery, wet or icy roads. Also while your car is being serviced, ask for your radiator to be filled with antifreeze and ask for it to be tested to meet the temperature lows in the area you are moving to. It is also helpful to have your windshield wiper fluid replaced with one that has de-icing fluid and to check your wipers to ensure they are in good condition.

Now that your car is prepared to move, it’s time to prepare yourself. It is time to prepare with research on the cost of shipping a car, to brush up on winter driving skills and prepare car emergency kits. It is important to supply all vehicles in colder climates with flashlights, warm blankets and emergency kits. And for all family members moving to the colder location, it is important to practice winter driving and safe driving techniques.  For instance, you should know how to handle a car skidding out as well as how to apply the brakes in icy conditions.

2.       Remember Your Pets

Pets are a member of your family, and just as you will need to adjust to colder weather, so will your animals. Pets that live outdoors in warm climates do not easily adjust to cold weather, especially if the weather is rainy or snow conditions. Even through your cat or dog has fur, their bodies have not acclimatized to their environments yet and by just expecting them to cope with the new home; you may be setting them up for illness or even death.  You can help your pets adjust by taking them on short walks in their new climate and by keeping them as dry as possible at all times.

3.       Don’t Forget Where you are Moving To

If you are moving to a colder climate area, you will need to prepare yourself for dramatic clothing and temperature changes. Don’t forget where you are moving to and expect to have a wardrobe change. In the winters of a warm place, you may have been able to get by with a light sweater but in colder climates, it’s suggested to over prepare with thermal undergarments, snow boots and heavy winter coats. Much like your pets, your body will need to acclimatize to your new area.


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