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Compare moving services

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Movers-Moving.NET offers a variety of moving services for consumers who need relocate. Whether it’s a few items, a complete household, or even an automobile this website can provide moving quotes from reputable movers and other moving services. Also, Movers-Moving.NET provides the listings of moving companies in the area for further reference.

A Few Moving Services Provided by Movers-Moving.NET

Local Movers – A local move is one that is within the same state or less than 100 miles away. Local moves are conducted by local movers with a local moving truck. The move is usually completed on the same day depending on the size of the move.

Long Distance Movers – Long distance moves are usually moves that are over 100 miles or out of the state. Long distance movers are easy to find and usually provided by nationwide companies like Mayflower or United Van Lines. Another difference with a long distance move is how the items are packed into the truck. The items are more securely wrapped and sometimes put on trucks amongst other items from other people. These movers may come with a premium, but that is the price of relocating your items across the country.

 A Few Packing Tips to Consider

Packing Tip: Decide exactly what is going to be moved, what is going to be put into storage, what is going to be donated, and what will be thrown out. There is no point packing or storing items for a price if they are never used or valued. Many people will spend thousands of dollars storing items that are not worth the cost associated.

Do not pack flammable or combustible items. Get rid of your paints, petrol products, gasoline in your lawn mowers etc. before moving. Every month or so, the local dump will have toxic waste days where you can bring these types of items in for proper disposal.


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