Moving From the East Coast to the West Coast

Moving from the east coast to the west coast

A cross country move can be a once in a life time experience that not only is filled with exciting opportunities, but even a bit of culture shock. Recently the Huffington Post posted an article about the difference between East and West Coast cultures, which made us want to assist our clients with tips for coast to coast moves as well as tips about what to expect with the dramatic culture changes between the two cities mentioned in the Huffington Post article – Boston and San Francisco. Whether moving for work, family or just because, it can be difficult to move from one side of America to the other, but to acclimatize your life, take a look at our four tips on what one should expect when moving from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Tip #1: Prepare to Use Your Car

Driving on the West Coast is a part of daily life, so when preparing for a move from the East Coast, it is important for movers to remember they will be driving more than they may be used to. Towns like New York City are filled with city walkers and taxi cabs, but towns like L.A. are known for their end to end traffic jams and love of cars.  When moving, east coasters may also want to explore car shipping quotes to ensure their car arrives safely and is ready to drive on the West Coast roads.  Unlike a move to from the west coast to the east coast, drivers will not need to prepare their cars for snowy or cold conditions.

Tip #2: Expect a More Relaxed Atmosphere

East Coast cities like Boston are focused on tradition and knowing the way things are meant to be. This isn’t necessarily uptight, but just less relaxed than the free flowing vibe considered to be found in most West Coast towns. In cities like San Francisco, there is a spirit of “being free to figure things out.” The atmosphere in business, community, and the personal lives of San Francisco’s citizens are that of exploring likes and dislikes and straying away from tradition to “make your own path.” As movers transition to this new and more relaxed atmosphere, they may consider investing their time in community classes to get to know their neighbors and understand the free (often healthy lifestyles) of their new city’s residents.

Tip #3: Prepare for Weather Changes

Just as mentioned above, when moving from a West Coast city to an East Coast one, it can mean colder weather, and in the winter months, even snowy conditions. This results in a need to prepare family members, pets, and vehicles to brave the cold. However, it is important to prepare for the sunny weather changes that come from a move to the West Coast as well. Drink plenty of water to keep from getting dehydrated, wear sunscreen, and prepare for the summer months with warm weather clothes.

Tip #4: Understand the Unique Cultures

Just as towns like San Francisco have a more relaxed atmosphere, West Coast cities also have a very unique culture compared to that of towns like Boston. New Age culture of music festivals, intensive yoga classes, fresh farmed food, and certain energies surround towns along the west coast whereas tradition, professionalism, and education can be found in towns like Boston. Each has its own cultures that work and inspire those who live in them, but it is important to understand when making the move that it will take some time to adjust and understand the dramatic culture differences.

Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast

A cross-country move can be a once in a life time experience, but as movers can see, there are a lot of dramatic differences between East Coast and West Coast lifestyles. We hope that with our four tips listed above, our clients can be better prepared for the changes that come from moving from places like Boston to those of San Francisco. You can read more in depth about the cultural changes between these two towns in the Huffington Post article here. Wishing the best of luck to those moving cross country, and we’d love to hear what other differences you’ve experienced between the East and the West Coasts.

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