Top 7 Signs You are Dealing with Rogue Movers

Top 7 signs you are dealing with rogue movers

Moving can be nice and easy engagement, but in some cases it turns into nightmare. If you are about to move, make sure you do your homework and learn how to protect your move. Nowadays it has become easier for rogue movers to blend in the industry, but is not impossible to distinguish a professional moving company from a rogue one.

Protect yourself from rogue movers

There are some clues that can help you avoid working with rogue movers. No matter whether you are moving locally, interstate or overseas, working with a reputable company can guarantee you a stress-free move. So here are 7 signs you should not ignore when dealing with movers.

What to look for

1. As nowadays it’s common for all of us to search for service providers online, without exception, this applies to moving service providers too. We search for moving companies through search engines. So, the first approach to movers we experience is through their websites. If the moving company doesn’t provide its full contact and company information –  phone, physical address and license number/s, then it is very possible that you are dealing with a rogue company. Check whether  the moving company is licensed with the Department of Transportation and have the authority to perform interstate moves, before even considering to hire. If it is an intrastate move, then check with the respective state authority that regulates household carriers.

2. Next, when you call the moving company, if the salesman is answering you with the generic “Movers” or “Moving Company” rather than the company name, it is a sign that you are dealing with fraud moving company. Licensed professional movers have nothing to hide. A reputable moving company would use its brand name when you call for a quote.

3. See, the Department of Transportation does not force state to state movers to provide only on-site estimates. Some states define a distance frame (usually from 30 to 70 miles) for local moves and  movers should conduct an in-home survey before providing an estimate. If the potential local moving company declines to provide you with an in-home estimation, be cautious. Also considerately low estimates are likely to be just a slick way to book you. Rogue moving companies give low-ball quotes, but then increase your final bill with thousands of dollars.

 Hold on to your cash!

4. If the cross country movers ask for a significantly large deposit, this should be sign that you might be a victim of fraud movers. Also, if the movers accept only cash. Professional moving companies offer different ways of payment – checks, debit/credit cards and cash of course. Beware if you are working with moving brokers. Some brokers get large deposits, but never share it with the actual carrier. And in order to compensate the difference, the actual carriers increase your moving cost.

5. Your mover doesn’t provide you with a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” booklet. By Federal Law, household carriers are obliged to provide their customers with this booklet.

6. On the moving day, a rental truck arrives rather than a branded truck. Professional moving companies put their logo, contact information and license numbers on their trucks. Reputable movers will never transfer you to other moving company just like that, without a notice, if they happen to fail keeping the agreed terms.

Watch what you sign

7. Ask you to sign blank pages or/and pages with false information. Reliable company would never ask you do that. Before signing the moving papers – binding/non-binding estimate, order of service, bill of lading, inventory and valuation addendum, make sure you thoroughly understand each clause these papers imply.

Author Bio: Manuella Irwin is a relocation professional engaged to provide moving advice for a smoother move. She is one of the esteemed contributors to blog.

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