International Car Shipping Scam Avoiding Tips

International car shipping scam avoiding tips

If you are planning on shipping your vehicle, then it is logical to assume you might be worrying about the legality and past of the shipping company you work with. The following tips will give you some details on what you can do to avoid possible complications from the whole business.

In many ways you could encounter a great many things that could still go wrong when you’re shipping a vehicle internationally. If you don’t have your paperwork filled out the right way you will encounter a great number of issues, such as leaving your vehicle stranded or seized by customs authorities. If you’re not careful such horrors can come true and you may be forced to pay quite a bit before you can recover your car. Make sure this never happens to you by following the tips we’re offering here for your convenience:

    • You should ensure the shipping company of your choice was registered with the Department of Transportation. This will provide an additional layer of credibility to what they have to offer, so ensure you’re working with someone who’s known to them.
    • Make sure the company has a viable cargo insurance, offering minimum liability which exceeds the value of your vehicle.
    • When you’re shipping your vehicle overseas you should check with the Federal Maritime Commission whether your chosen company has been registered there. They need to be considered a freight forwarder or alternately a non-vessel that operates as a common carrier. You should also ensure they have a current shipping license and bond. If your chosen company has no ties with them it means they are not allowed to provide their services legally in such manners.
    • You should avoid using local car trucking companies when it comes to international car shipping whenever possible. Although some truckers may offer a deal when it comes to car transportation abroad, you should keep in mind that their rates may not include the fees connected to the whole process.
    • Getting your company’s quotes in writing is also a good way to insure yourself against any sketchy acts. You should always check the fine print of everything you sign as you don’t want to pay any extra fees unless you absolutely have to. You should make sure your quote has the origin of the cargo, the destination and the prices listed in its entirety. There should be other details listed on it as well, such as the door pick up, the exact delivery spot, shipping insurance details, customs clearance and bill of lading costs as well.
    • If that is possible you should do your best to get a working shipping contract between you and your chosen company. It should have the things mentioned previously in a formal way, dated and signed by a person authorized to proceed with the processing of your vehicle.
  • You should check whether you could peruse the services of someone who could assist with the unloading and clearance at the destination country. You should also be aware of the possible taxes and customs duties you have to deal with before you ship the vehicle.

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