Here comes the Flatmobile!

Have you seen the world’s lowest street legal car?

At 19 inches high, the Flatmobile is the world’s lowest street legal car. It just so happens to be a replica of the Batmobile and has a jet engine that shoots 20 foot flames out of the rear! Ground clearance is at a whopping 2 inches! You could probably park this thing under a large SUV at your local supermarket.

Guinness world record holder

This unique vehicle was even listed by Guinness as the lowest roadworthy car in the world. The certification was given to Perry Watkins in Aylesbury England on March 5th of 2008. Check out the flatmobile site for many more pics and descriptions of the vehicle.


Who would you trust to move this one-of-a-kind vehicle?

Just moving the vehicle in and of itself is a logistical nightmare. The ground clearance is obviously a major issue and being that it is 1 of 1 adds additional concerns as well.

When the Charlotte Motor Speedway decided to feature the vehicle at their Food Lion AutoFair event, they enlisted the services of Ship Your Car Now.  When we received the request to ship the Flatmobile it was only 3 weeks from the event date and the vehicle was still in the UK!

Fortunately our international shipping experts are used to tight deadlines. To say that a lot of strings had to be pulled and favors were asked and a few minor miracles took place would be an understatement.


Would the Flatmobile make it to Charlotte on time?

We’re happy to say that the Flatmobile arrived at 9am on the morning of the show! Jennifer from Charlotte Motor Speedway said “The event was a great success and everyone loved the Flatmobile so thank you for making the efforts to ensure its arrival.  We honestly do appreciate it!”.  

Check out the Flatmobile in action!

When you absolutely have to have the best transporter in the business, you know who to call! What can Ship Your Car Now move for you?


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