Vehicle Shipping for College Students

Vehicle shipping for college students

Save time, money, and reduce the risk for students who are far from home. Consider vehicle shipping as an option.

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Getting anything from one part of the country to another is not particularly easy. Especially for college students who are eager to come home this spring.  Shipping your student’s vehicle maybe an option that you might not have considered.   But the vehicle shipping experts at can help answer all your questions.

With the huge stress of packing and moving your stuff, you do not need to add to it by wondering what to do with their car.  As college students, going back from school via a road trip experience is fun, but stressful and tiring.

A road trip is cost effective, but may not be the best solution. Shipping your vehicle across the nation is a great alternative, as a long distance journey may not be ideal for most college and younger drivers (get a quote today). Safety issues are a huge concern for embarking on a road trip, which will definitely affect your car and the health of the car. The safety of the student and their vehicle is the main reason you need to consider vehicle shipping.

If you are not still convinced yet as to why you should ship your vehicles rather than driving, let’s give you something to ponder on;

  • Shipping Doesn’t Add Mileage: When it comes to resale value, the mileage is a major determinant. Driving cross country will add more mileage to your car.  At the given government rate each mile is about 50 cents in expense!   You know how fun road trips can be, but can also wreak havoc on the value of your sweet ride. It will put wear on the body, engine and even the interior. Vehicle shipping will keep your car in good shape, and keeping the mileage low is a smart way of retaining a higher resale value.
  • Time-Saving: For a lot of people, time is very important. Most people don’t have enough time on their hands to drive a car cross country. Why not go on a plane and let someone else do the transporting of your vehicles? So, if you’re strapped for time, there’s no need wasting the little you have on driving many miles across states.
  • Cost Effective and Safe: Have you considered the money you’ll spend on fuel, food, lodging and more? The expenses add up.  Also, younger drivers tend not to handle road trips as well.  They are in a hurry to get home, might skip a needed overnight rest, and could get bored and become preoccupied with other things– like their cell phone–while driving.

What to learn more about vehicle shipping options for college students?  Visit our site at or call us at 866-390-0354.

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