How to Avoid Car Shipping Scams

Unfortunately, the world has a lot of people willing to scam others so they can take their possessions or money, and car shipping is no exception. Some bogus car shipping companies exist to lure people in with lucrative prices, then suddenly make use of a clause in their contract so they can take more by building loopholes in their documentation or practices. If the customer is unaware of such practices and chooses to trust blindly, then they may end up paying more than they expected. The following tips will give you an idea what you can do to avoid such a fate:

Learn more about the car shipping company

You should start by finding out whatever you can about the company itself – name, address, phone numbers, licenses and anything else you can. Check out and see whether their license is still active, ask about referrals and insurance. Check out for reviews online, but keep in mind that those may not be too relevant, as they can also be fabricated as sometimes companies with bad business practices slander their rivals. Don’t lose heart if you see negative feedback however, as it’s normal to have such in any field of business regardless of efforts. Bad things happen sometimes and companies end up paying for them.

Look into the contract

Before you consider the business done, you should look forward to looking at every bit of the contract you will sign with the company. Whether it’s an electronic signature or something you do physically, you should still check any and all details surrounding it to make sure there are no ways they can take advantage of you. In a perfect world this level of paranoia would be pointless, but unfortunately we don’t live in such a world and you would be wise to be cautious just in case.

Talk to a representative

Regardless of all the research you do online, you will still need to talk to an actual person working for the company. Dial their number and talk to one of them about the process of transportation. In most cases you’ll be able to learn a lot from a simple call. Trust your instincts and try to deduce whether they are being truthful or not. If you believe they have answered all your questions, then go right ahead and go forth with the contract, but you should make sure you ask any and all questions you believe are relevant to the car shipping business and how your vehicle will be handled.

Follow these few basic steps and you will save a bit of money and lots of headaches. It never hurts to be extra careful, no matter what line of business you’re dealing with.

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