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Need to transport your vehicle in or out of Indiana? Cut through the confusion with this streamlined guide to Indiana car shipping. Expect to uncover critical details on pricing, methods, timelines, and reputable carriers—all designed to help you make an informed decision and transition smoothly.

Key Takeaways

Seamless Indiana Vehicle Transport Solutions

Our Indiana car shipping process with ShipYourCarNow streamlines vehicle transport into three steps: obtaining a quote tailored to your needs, booking through an online system, and having a professional carrier complete hassle-free pickup and delivery. Ship Now

Understanding Indiana Car Shipping Costs

The car shipping cost to or from Indiana varies based on mileage, vehicle size and condition, transport type, location, and season, with average costs provided per mile for different distance ranges. Ship Now

Essential Indiana Car Shipping Preparation

Choosing the right Indiana car shipping company is vital, taking into account their experience, reputation, reviews, pricing, licensing, and insurance coverage to ensure a reliable and secure service. Ship Now
Quick and Easy Steps

How our Indiana car shipping works

Choosing the right car shipping service can make the difference between a stressful move and a seamless experience. Our Indiana car shipping service is designed to provide a reliable, efficient, and tailored solution to your auto transport needs. We have streamlined the process into three easy steps:

  1. Obtaining a competitive quote based on your specific transport needs
  2. Booking your vehicle transport through our user-friendly website
  3. A hassle-free pickup and delivery service by professional carriers.

Let’s delve into the details of each step.

  • Step 1

    The first step towards a hassle-free car shipping experience, especially when moving your car cross country, begins with obtaining a competitive car shipping quote. By simply entering your vehicle details and the pickup/delivery locations into our system, you can receive an instant quote tailored to your specific transport needs.

    At ShipYourCarNow, we prioritize efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, offering comprehensive solutions that suit your requirements. Whether you’re seeking door-to-door delivery or flexible scheduling, we’ve got you covered.

  • Step 2

    Once you’re satisfied with your quote, the next step is to book your vehicle transport. With our seamless online system, you can select your preferred shipping options and schedule a convenient pickup date. We understand that every client has unique needs, and we strive to provide reliable and affordable car transport services that cater to those needs.

    Our commitment doesn’t stop there. In the event of any damage during car shipping, we offer claim assistance to guide you through the process, ensuring peace of mind from start to finish.

  • Step 3

    The final step in our Indiana car shipping process involves the actual pickup and delivery of your vehicle. A professional carrier will collect your vehicle from the agreed location and ensure it’s securely delivered to your destination. We offer different transport options to suit your needs.

    If your vehicle requires higher protection during transit, our enclosed vehicle transportation shields it from weather elements and road debris. For a practical and cost-effective solution, our open vehicle transportation ensures efficient and reliable delivery. Either way, our door-to-door service ensures your vehicle arrives at its destination on time and in pristine condition.

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Shipping Your Car to Indiana - Cost & Delivery Estimates

Understanding the cost and delivery estimates is vital when you consider shipping your car to Indiana. The average cost to ship a car within Indiana is approximately:

  • $1.96 per mile for short distances up to 500 miles
  • $0.93 per mile for medium distances from 500 to 1,500 miles
  • $0.58 per mile for long distances over 1,500 miles

These costs can vary depending on several factors.

Factors influencing the cost of vehicle shipping include:

  • Trip distance
  • Car size
  • Vehicle condition
  • Specific location
  • Type of transport
  • Time of year

For instance, shipping a compact car over a shorter distance during the off-peak season using an open carrier may be less costly than shipping a large SUV over a longer distance during peak season using an enclosed carrier. Additionally, booking your car shipment well in advance can result in a better price, whereas expedited shipping services will generally incur higher costs.

To obtain a more precise shipping quote, you should provide the following information:

  • Car transport preference (enclosed or open trailer)
  • Pickup and delivery destinations
  • Vehicle details
  • The earliest available pickup date.

Shipping Your Car from Indiana - Cost & Delivery Estimates

Cost and delivery estimates are also a factor when shipping your car from Indiana. Nationally, the average cost to ship a car is approximately $1,150, but it can range from $550 to $2,450 depending on various factors. For instance, the average cost for car shipping from Indianapolis, the largest city in Indiana, is about $1,045, with prices varying between $500 to $2,227.

Several factors influence the cost of shipping a car from Indiana, including:

  • The total distance the car needs to be transported
  • The pick-up and delivery locations
  • The size and specifications of the vehicle
  • If the car requires special care, such as being a classic, imported, rare, or expensive car

Popular cities generally offer more competitive rates compared to remote areas. Larger and heavier vehicles typically cost more to ship. If your car requires special care, this increases the overall shipping cost.

Car shipping costs can vary depending on several factors, including the type of transport and external factors. Here are some things to consider:

  • Open car transport is generally the least expensive shipping option
  • Expedited services or air transport are among the more costly choices
  • Seasonal factors and fluctuations in gas prices can also affect car shipping costs.

Factors Affecting Indiana Car Shipping Costs & Timelines

Various factors can influence both the cost and timeline when shipping a car to or from Indiana. The primary factor impacting the cost of auto transport to or from Indiana is the distance required to transport the vehicle. For instance, shipping your car from Indiana to a neighboring state like Illinois will be significantly cheaper than shipping it to a far-off state like California. The type and condition of the car being shipped are also significant factors in determining the cost of vehicle transport.

As for the timelines, for trips under 200 miles in Indiana, car shipping typically takes up to 2 days to complete, while longer distances, such as 2,000 miles or more, can take around 9 days. However, these timelines can be affected by factors such as:

  • road construction
  • detours
  • traffic
  • weather conditions
  • seasonality

Additionally, the driver’s hours can influence the time taken to ship a car to or from Indiana.

How much does car shipping cost to or from Indiana?

Grasping the costs linked with car shipping to or from Indiana plays a key role in planning your vehicle transport. In Indiana, car shipping typically costs:

  • $1.96 per mile for short distances up to 500 miles
  • $0.93 per mile for medium distances ranging from 500 to 1,500 miles
  • $0.58 per mile for long distances over 1,500 miles

However, these costs are not fixed and can vary significantly depending on several variables.

Factors that impact the overall cost of shipping a vehicle include:

  • Distance of the trip
  • Size of the car
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • Location
  • Type of transport
  • Time of year

For instance, shipping a compact car using an open carrier will be significantly cheaper than shipping a large SUV using an enclosed carrier. Additionally, shipping during the off-peak season (usually winter) can be cheaper than during the peak season (summer).

To obtain a more precise quote, you should provide detailed information such as:

  • Car transport preference (enclosed or open trailer)
  • Pickup and delivery zip codes
  • Make, model, year, operational status of the vehicle
  • Earliest available pickup date

Furthermore, booking car shipment services in advance can lead to cost savings, whereas expedited shipping typically incurs higher prices.

Cost & Delivery Estimates - Shipping Your Car from Indiana

Ship Car FromShip Car ToEstimated Delivery TimeEstimated Route DistanceEstimated Cost
IndianaTexas3-4 days1109.3$825
IndianaCalifornia6-7 days2231.1$1115
IndianaArizona5-6 days1660.6$1015
IndianaVirginia2-3 days586.3$605
IndianaFlorida3-4 days1069.5$765

Cost & Delivery Estimates - Shipping Your Car to Indiana

Ship Car FromShip Car ToEstimated Delivery TimeEstimated Route DistanceEstimated Cost
TexasIndiana3-4 days1109.3$655
CaliforniaIndiana6-7 days2231.1$1145
ArizonaIndiana5-6 days1660.6$1075
VirginiaIndiana2-3 days586.3$675

*Disclaimer: Please note that all durations, distances, and estimated costs provided in this table are general or best estimates. Actual shipping durations, distances, and costs may vary depending on various factors such as specific origin and destination locations, vehicle type, shipping method, seasonal variations, and other circumstances. Each shipping scenario is unique, and additional factors not accounted for in these estimates may impact the final shipping details. For accurate and personalized shipping information tailored to your specific needs, please start a free quote.

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How long does car shipping take to or from Indiana?

You might be curious about the duration of the process when shipping a car to or from Indiana. The duration of the car shipping process can be influenced by a number of factors. The distance of the trip is a primary factor – for instance, shipping your car to a neighboring state will take significantly less time than shipping it across the country. The exact timeframe for car shipping can only be properly estimated by considering specific details like car transport preference, vehicle pick-up, and delivery destinations, make and model, operational status, and the earliest pick-up date.

Several other factors can also influence the shipping time. For instance, seasonal variations can affect the timeframe – shipping during winter, when roads might be icy or snowy, could take longer than during summer. Other factors that can impact the shipping time include:

  • road construction
  • detours
  • traffic conditions
  • the driver’s hours

Therefore, when planning to ship your car to or from Indiana, it’s essential to consider these factors and plan accordingly.

Choosing the Right Indiana Car Shipping Company

Selecting a suitable Indiana car shipping company is a vital step towards a smooth and hassle-free car shipping experience. The right company will not only provide excellent service but also offer peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is in safe hands. When making your choice, consider factors such as:

  • the company’s experience
  • reputation
  • customer reviews
  • pricing

A company with years of experience in the auto transport industry, such as a car shipping company, is more likely to have a proven track record of safe and timely deliveries.

It’s also important to verify the company’s licensing and insurance coverage. The U.S. Department of Transportation requires all auto transport companies to be licensed and insured. Ensure that the company you choose meets these requirements. Reading online reviews and seeking feedback from friends or neighbors who have used an Indiana car shipping service can also help evaluate the company’s reputation.

Furthermore, collecting multiple car shipping quotes from different companies in Indiana can help you understand the average industry cost and identify services within your budget.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Indiana Car Shipping

Proper preparation of your vehicle before it is picked up for shipping guarantees a smooth shipping process. Start by washing the exterior of your car. This not only ensures it’s clean for transport but also allows for easier identification of any damage that might occur during transport. Next, clean the interior and remove all loose items, including electronics and their accessories. These items can get tossed around during transport and potentially damage your vehicle’s interior.

It’s also important to take the following steps before transporting your car:

  1. Disable your car’s alarm system to prevent it from going off during transport.
  2. Check for any leaks and get them repaired beforehand, as any leakage could lead to refusal of service by the shipping company.
  3. Ensure your tires are properly inflated to reduce the risk of damage during the loading and unloading process.
  4. Remove any custom accessories or parts that may be at risk of breaking during transit.
  5. Lock your vehicle once it’s loaded onto the transport truck.

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What’s the best way to ship your car to or from Indiana?

You might be pondering the best method for shipping your car to or from Indiana. The best way to ship your vehicle is by working with a fully insured, fully licensed, and trusted car transport company like Nexus Auto Transport. A reputable company will offer a range of services, including:

  • Open car transport
  • Enclosed vehicle shipping
  • Expedited services
  • Door-to-door delivery

This allows you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Open transport car shipping and enclosed transport car shipping are the two primary methods available for shipping a car to or from Indiana. Open transport is a more budget-friendly option with easier loading and faster shipping, whereas enclosed transport offers better protection for the vehicle but at a higher cost. When preparing a car for shipment, it’s advisable to wash the vehicle, remove custom parts, clean the interior, disable the alarm, avoid filling the gas tank completely, check for leaks, ensure proper tire pressure, and lock the vehicle with the parking brake engaged.

The duration of the car shipping process can be influenced by:

  • The distance of the trip
  • The location of pickup and drop-off
  • The time of year
  • Prevailing weather and road conditions
  • Vehicle type
  • Traffic conditions

What is the cheapest way to ship a car from Indiana?

If budget is a significant consideration for you, finding the most affordable way to ship a car from Indiana might pique your interest. Generally, open transport is typically more economical than enclosed transport when shipping vehicles from Indiana. This is because open carriers can transport more vehicles at once, thus lowering the cost per vehicle. Furthermore, selecting a flexible pickup and delivery schedule can also help reduce the costs of car transportation from Indiana.

However, it’s important to note that while the cheapest option might be appealing, it might not always be the best choice for your vehicle. For instance, if you’re shipping a luxury or classic car, you might prefer to opt for enclosed transport, which provides more protection, even though it’s more expensive. Similarly, if you’re in a hurry, you might need to opt for expedited shipping, which is also more costly. Therefore, when considering the cost of shipping a car from Indiana, it’s crucial to balance cost with other factors, such as the level of protection and the timeframe for delivery.

Pro tips for transporting a car to or from Indiana

Shipping a car to or from Indiana might seem overwhelming, but with professional advice, a smooth and successful experience can be ensured. To start with, research is key. It’s crucial to thoroughly research potential car transport companies before making your choice. Check their:

  • experience
  • reputation
  • customer reviews
  • pricing

Ensure they are licensed and insured as per U.S. Department of Transportation requirements.

Next, it’s essential to properly prepare your vehicle for shipping. This includes cleaning it, removing all personal items, and documenting pre-existing damage. If you’re shipping your car to or from Indiana during the winter season, it’s advised to have chains or an all-weather vehicle ready due to the state’s harsh, icy, and snowy winter conditions.

Lastly, maintain open and ongoing communication with the auto transport company to stay informed about the shipping process and address any concerns quickly.

Door-to-Door vs. Terminal-to-Terminal Services in Indiana

Door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal are two main service options you’ll likely encounter when shipping your car to or from Indiana. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, and understanding these can help you choose the most convenient and cost-effective option for your car shipping needs.

Door-to-door transport offers the following benefits:

  • Convenience of having the vehicle picked up and delivered at specific locations, which may include homes or businesses
  • Flexible pick-up and delivery times, including early morning, late evening, or weekends
  • Popular choice among customers

On the other hand, terminal-to-terminal auto transport involves shipping vehicles from one secure, fenced-in terminal yard to another. This option may be more affordable than door-to-door, especially if the pick-up or delivery locations are in remote areas of Indiana. It could also be more convenient if the scheduled times for door-to-door service are not suitable, as vehicles can be dropped off or picked up at the terminal at any time. However, terminal-to-terminal shipping comes with its own set of drawbacks, including potential long distances to terminal yards and additional terminal storage fees that may accrue in Indiana.

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Enclosed vs. Open Transport for Indiana Car Shipping

Choosing between enclosed and open transport is another decision you’ll have to make when shipping a car to or from Indiana. Open transport for car shipping usually involves using a two-level trailer that is not covered. This option is suitable for any vehicle, especially standard or used cars, and is more economical and provides faster service due to the higher availability of open-air carriers.

On the other hand, enclosed transport means the vehicle is shipped in a fully covered trailer, offering greater security and is preferred for new, vintage, or collectible cars. Enclosed car shipping offers better protection against weather elements and road debris and typically involves more experienced drivers handling the vehicles. However, the cost of enclosed car shipping is higher than open transport as enclosed carriers move fewer vehicles at a time and are less fuel-efficient. Therefore, when choosing between enclosed and open transport for Indiana car shipping, it’s important to weigh the benefits and costs of each option against your vehicle type and budget.

Insurance Coverage and Protection for Indiana Car Shipping

When shipping your car to or from Indiana, insurance coverage is a key consideration. Ensuring that your vehicle is adequately covered during transit can provide peace of mind and protect you from potential financial loss. Vehicles transported in Indiana are typically insured up to $250,000 on open carriers and up to $1,000,000 on enclosed carriers. This comprehensive coverage is provided for vehicles during transit by the carrier at no additional cost to the customer.

For added protection, enclosed transport offers heightened protection and coverage for luxury, classic, or new vehicles. However, it’s important to understand the terms of the insurance coverage provided by the carrier. Always be sure to ask for a copy of the carrier’s insurance certificate, and if you have any doubts or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to the insurance company directly.

Remember, understanding your insurance coverage can help you make a more informed decision and ensure your vehicle is protected throughout the shipping process.

Inoperable Vehicle Shipping in Indiana

While shipping an inoperable vehicle to or from Indiana may seem challenging, the right car shipping company can manage it efficiently and effectively. Shipping a vehicle that cannot be driven, such as one with no wheels, requires special handling and equipment like a roll-back tow truck or forklift for loading. Vehicles with mechanical issues that prevent them from starting are generally loaded and unloaded using a winch.

However, it’s important to note that transporting a vehicle without keys or one that cannot roll, brake, or steer will need a forklift for loading onto and off the transport truck. Most auto transport carriers do not have winches, so they require vehicles that can be driven onto the truck unless a forklift is arranged for non-operational vehicles. Also, be aware that auto transport companies charge about $150 more for shipping an inoperable vehicle than for an operable vehicle due to the extra time and effort required for pickup and delivery.

New Indiana Residents: Driver's License and Vehicle Registration

There are crucial points to understand about obtaining your driver’s license and vehicle registration if you plan to move to Indiana. Once you become a resident of Indiana, you have a 60-day window to acquire a new driver’s license. This requirement is in line with Indiana’s commitment to ensuring that all drivers on its roads are appropriately licensed and insured.

Complying with these regulations not only helps keep you and other road users safe, but it also ensures you’re legally protected while driving in the state.

Tips for a Smooth Indiana Car Shipping Experience

Careful planning and preparation are essential for a smooth Indiana car shipping experience. Here are some pro tips to help you enjoy a seamless car shipping process. Firstly, it’s crucial to thoroughly research potential car transport companies before making your choice. Look for a company that is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation for delivering vehicles safely and on time. Additionally, prepare your vehicle for shipping by cleaning it, removing all personal items, and documenting any pre-existing damage. This will help ensure a smooth loading and unloading process and protect you in case of any damage during transit.

It’s also important to consider the timing of your car shipment. The demand for car shipping services can fluctuate throughout the year, affecting both cost and availability. For instance, shipping your car during the off-peak season (usually winter) can be cheaper than during the peak season (summer).

Lastly, maintain open and ongoing communication with the auto transport company throughout the shipping process. This can help you stay informed about the progress of your shipment and quickly address any issues or concerns that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cheapest company to ship your car may vary depending on factors such as distance and vehicle type. Consider comparing quotes from multiple auto transport companies to find the most cost-effective option.
The cheapest way to ship a car across the US is to use door-to-door shipping on an open transport truck, which is the industry standard for finding affordable car shipping services. This method will likely result in the lowest cost for shipping a car.
The cost of shipping a car to or from Indiana can be affected by factors such as driving distance, vehicle make and model, time of year, scheduling flexibility, type of car hauling, and choice of shipping company. These variables can impact the overall cost significantly.
The average cost to ship a car from Indiana is approximately $1,150, but it can vary based on factors like type of transport and distance.
To prepare your car for shipping to or from Indiana, clean it, remove personal items, disable the alarm, avoid filling the gas tank completely, check for leaks, ensure proper tire pressure, and lock the vehicle with the parking brake engaged.


In conclusion, having a smooth Indiana car shipping experience is entirely possible with the right preparation and by choosing a reputable auto transport company. Whether you’re shipping your vehicle to or from Indiana, understanding the process, the costs involved, and the various factors that can influence these costs can help you make an informed decision. By following the professional tips and advice outlined in this blog post, you can ensure your car arrives safely at your new home. Remember, the key to a successful car shipping experience lies in doing your research, preparing your vehicle properly, and maintaining open communication with your chosen car shipping company.

ShipYourCarNow service areas in Indiana by Zip Code

Ship Car FromShip Car To
Bloomington47401, 47403, 47404, 47405, 47406, 47408 and surrounding areas
Carmel46032, 46033, 46062, 46074, 46077, 46240, 46260, 46280, 46290 and surrounding areas
Evansville47708, 47710, 47711, 47712, 47713, 47714, 47715, 47720, 47725 and surrounding areas
Fishers46037, 46038, 46040, 46055, 46060, 46250, 46256 and surrounding areas
Fort Wayne46774, 46802, 46803, 46804, 46805, 46806, 46807, 46808, 46809, 46814, 46815, 46816, 46818, 46819, 46825, 46835, 46845 and surrounding areas
Gary46402, 46403, 46404, 46405, 46406, 46407, 46408, 46409, 46410 and surrounding areas
Hammond46320, 46323, 46324, 46327, 46394 and surrounding areas
Indianapolis46113, 46183, 46201, 46202, 46204, 46205, 46208, 46214, 46217, 46218, 46219, 46220, 46221, 46222, 46224, 46225, 46226, 46235, 46236, 46239, 46241, 46254, 46259, 46268, 46278 and surrounding areas
Lafayette47901, 47904, 47905, 47909 and surrounding areas
South Bend46544, 46545, 46556, 46601, 46613, 46614, 46615, 46616, 46617, 46619, 46628, 46635, 46637 and surrounding areas


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