Cross-Country Car Shipping Tips

Cross country car shipping tips


If you want to use cross-country car shipping services, then you will need to be aware of the costs involved in that as well as all details that go with it. The cost of shipping vehicles from one place to another can vary according to a number of factors, such as vehicle size, insurance coverage and the company itself. The following tips will prepare you for what lies ahead:

Do your research

This is the first and foremost step you will need to undertake so you can get things done right. You will need to make sure you’re dealing with a good and dependable auto shipping company. To do that, you will have to check for possible reviews online, references and even its rating in the Better Business Bureau or other websites connected to such possibilities. You can also give the company a call for more information on their services as well and quotes on the possible prices, depending on the information you will provide them with.

Compare prices

You shouldn’t jump right on the offer of the lowest bidders, but you should make sure you’re aware of what the company offers before you sign. Make sure you contact the absolute minimum of at least three companies before you decide, obtaining free quotes from them, so you can figure out what the best price would be in such a case.

Understand Insurance

You should always make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage before you finalize the deal. If your vehicle gets damaged during transport, you will have a chance to file a claim and get a refund on the service as well as the damages covered. You can also consider working with additional insurance from a third party if your vehicle is expensive and needs the extra care.

Prepare the vehicle

Before the company picks up the vehicle, you should give it the proper preparations. This includes removing all your personal items, getting it through an inspection by a qualified mechanic and emptying out its fuel to about a quarter of a tank so you won’t have to pay for that extra weight.

Prepare for the fees

Part of the basic costs of moving a vehicle is the insurance itself, however there are other things such as handling fees that need to be taken care of as well. Since this is one of the main things that will increase transport costs, you should ensure you deal with them on time before you sign the final agreement.

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