How to Prepare a Vehicle for Shipping

How to prepare a vehicle for shipping


You may have never shipped a vehicle before. You may not even have thought of shipping a vehicle. But suddenly, the need arises and you need to prepare a vehicle for shipping.

  • You need to get a car to your college-aged child
  • You winter in the south and summer in the north
  • You purchased a new car from a remote dealer or private seller
  • You have a cross-country move

There are any number of reasons why you may need to ship a car, and here at ShipYourCarNow, we understand them and will help make the process safe and simple for you and your vehicle.

Here are a few pointers for shipping your car:

Be sure your car is in good mechanical shape. Top up all fluid levels, and if you are going from a warmer climate to a cooler one, be sure the antifreeze and the windshield washer fluid is rated for your destination environment.

Leave only about a quarter of a tank of gas in the car. This ensures the hauler can move it on and off the truck, but does not add extraneous weight that you’ll have to pay for.

Wash, or rinse your car beforehand, and make note of any dings, dents or scratches. Consider taking photos of the car as well. Your car will be inspected at pickup and delivery, and you want to be prepared ahead of time for that.

Clean out the interior. Make sure to check the glove box and console(s) for items—like CDs, gas cards, etc.—that you may want access to while your car is in transit. Check with your transport specialist before putting anything in your car prior to shipping. Some drivers allow a few items in the vehicle, while others do not allow any items.

Plan to be on-site to turn your car over to the driver, and to receive it when it is delivered. If this is not possible, you can designate another person, but ShipYourCarNow will need their information as well as yours. The person accepting the delivery of the vehicle will need to go through the delivery inspection, and be able to pay any final amount owed (if there is an outstanding balance.)

Try to schedule your car shipment well in advance. Many of the reasons people need to ship a car are predictable circumstances. Call us or go through our online system to get a quote and to investigate your timeline. Cars often ship on a multi-vehicle carrier, and extra days may be needed if the driver must drop off other vehicles along the way.

ShipYourCarNow has transported thousands of cars safely and securely, and we can help you with your car too. Contact us today or click on our link for a free, no-hassle quote. Happy trails and travels!

For more information, see our step-by-step guides on on How to Ship a Vehicle and How to Ship a Vehicle Overseas.

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