Moving Tips: How to Protect Your Furniture

Moving tips: how to protect your furniture

Moving can be a stressful time no matter what, but it is even more stressful when upon reaching your new location, you find your furniture scratched, broken, or ruined in one way or another. Properly protecting furniture can be a simple yet effective way to prevent this damage, but many do-it-yourself movers do not know how to properly protect their expensive and large furniture items. To help avoid moving problems and ensure the proper furniture techniques for those relocating, we’ve created these tips of how to protect your furniture.

Protection Techniques

Moving furniture goes beyond just picking it up and placing it in the truck. By instigating the flowing protection techniques, your furniture will be safe during the move.

  • Remove Anything that Comes Apart. If you have a hall table with spindly, yet removable legs, the chances of a leg breaking during the move are less when the legs are traveling separated from the table top. Disassembling large pieces such as tables results in an easier move with more space in the truck as well as less risk of damage to your furniture.  Ensure that separated items are properly wrapped and labeled for the least stress possible.
  • Tape Drawers and Doors. If you are moving dressers, the drawers make a great place to pack away those smaller items without taking up extra moving truck space. Just make sure you tape or tie the drawers so they don’t open during travel and then scratch, fall, or break. Also, remember to carry the drawers separate from the dresser when carrying the items into the truck. Replace and tape the drawers after the dresser is placed in the truck. The same goes for hutches with cupboard styled doors. Taping them so they do not open prevents unnecessary banging, items falling out, and scratches.
  • Use Soft Protection. If you have items that you will be placing boxes or other items on top of in the moving truck, it is wise to use soft protection such as blankets or furniture pads to protect the top of furniture from scratches.
  • Use Bubble Wrap. Using bubble wrap to protect corners of furniture items as well as glass pieces is a smart way to move expensive furniture and glass pieces.
  • Shrink Wrap It. If you are moving with a pick-up truck instead of a moving truck, it is recommended to shrink wrap furniture, mattresses, and other expensive items. This protects against water and dirt as well as helps reduce the chance of scraping.
  • Strap Down Items. Using tie-downs, straps, ropes and cords to keep furniture in place during a move is ideal for preventing items from falling, sliding, and being crushed.

Protect Your Furniture

It is essential to apply the tips above to furniture items when moving. Also, keep in mind that professional movers can relieve the stress of relocating, especially if moving internationally.   If you are moving internationally and intend to ship a car, you may want to look into our international car shipping services. No matter where you are moving, remember to pack smart and protect your valuable furniture items as best you can.

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