Recycled Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are very useful for getting your vehicles or other shipped items overseas safely, but what else can they be used for? Well, you could always live in it!

Metro Detroit may have the most unusual condominium project, which is a project where a 20-unit complex is being built from empty shipping containers. Soon house hunters will be able to check out these units for themselves and be able to perchance residence in them.

These units would range from 850 to 1,920 square feet, have cut in windows, balconies, heating, plumbing, heating, and other amenities. The pricing for the condos is still being determined, but is expected to be about 5% less than similarly sized condos.

Projects like this help to get these containers put to use, rather than sitting around and stacked in port cities all over the world. Empty shipping containers have already been put to extensive use in Europe for housing and offices, and although it isn’t common in the U.S. yet it is a concept that is being put to use.

Living Down Under

Living underground is becoming more and more popular, even with many people finding it odd or strange. Even if it isn’t the norm, and is a little different, there are some interesting reasons for it.

An underground unit is better insulated than a normal house, and putting a shipping container underground is much less expensive and a lot easier than having something built. The better insulation cuts down on the cost of electricity and gas bill, because in the winter your underground house will be warmer and in the summer will be cooler.

Another reason for living underground is harsh weather. Tornados and hurricanes destroy homes and put people out on the streets every year. Due to being lower than ground level the wind won’t be able to damage your property like it would others. There is a reason for storm shelters being underground!

The most interesting, and least likely reason, to live underground is protection from asteroids, nuclear attacks, or the end of the world!

Shelter in a Shipping Container

How many places around the work have tornados? How many people in those are ready for the instance of a tornado coming? Shipping containers can be used for getting you ready for a storm like this, whether as a shelter for yourself, or a shelter for supplies in the event that a tornado, or other natural disaster, hits and wipes out the normal supplies.

In Florida a hurricane can keep gas stations inoperable for days, or even weeks, which could keep generators unable to run and unpowered areas without backup power. A shed could be used for storage, but I’ve personally seen plenty of those blown away with all of their contents. An underground storage unit, made from a shipping container, could be the answer to that problem. You may even be able to charge rent from neighbors to hold their own supplies and recover the cost of the unit!

 The Bat Cave

Who hasn’t, at some point, wanted an underground hideout? Well, with a few thousand dollars and some hard work you can bury a shipping container and have one for yourself. You’ll need to dig a deep and big enough hole, reinforce the calls and ceiling, and also ventilation to make sure that it’s safe enough to use first.

This can be used as a storm shelter, an out of the way storage unit, or even a hangout for you and your buddies. Underground poker night anybody? With a little extra work, and a couple of contractors, you could run electric, cable, and phone lines to it and have a movie style man-cave.

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